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Learn more about Tressmerize hair toppers and which one is best for you


I have experienced moderate hair loss on my crown area due to scaring alopecia. I just wanted you to know how glad I was when I saw that you could just order the hair topper by itself. After a cut and color, it is perfect! No one that I told could believe I had it in. Thank you so much for creating such an amazing hair piece!


"I had the worst battle with alopecia 2 years ago.  Working with the public, I couldn't just let my bald  patches shine. I wore wigs for about a year, but synthetic 
wasn't my friend and Human hair wigs were too expensive 
Thank you for being such a creative genius!!! Even with one hand, I can still snap the topper and extensions in without worrying about them shifting, sliding, coming out or showing. Thank you for knowing the struggle and creating something that works


I have lived in extensions and wigs for years, these are my favorite. I am a hair dresser and don't seem to find the time to do my own hair. These keep my looking fresh. I have bought 3 sets and can't wait to try the new medium brown blonde in the fall.  I really like the new topper, it's made even better than the old one. Great job! Can't wait to see what else you come up with. 


"I just wanted to say that before Tressmerize, I was always wearing baseball hats and afraid to go out in the sun because people will notice my major hair loss. After seeing the review on Corner of Hope and Mane, I gave it a try. Omg, Tressmerize has changed my life! I no longer hide in the shadows in fear of my scalp. I no longer have to deal with low self esteem. Thank you so much for this product. This is by far the best topper/extensions out there. Thank you for changing my life. I wish I could hug you."


"Received with many thanks the topper you shipped.  This is more like what I wanted.  The lace is fantastic and the hair quantity is lesser than before but works great as it doesn't make it look wiggy at all...this topper is very realistic and I am absolutely thrilled with it."   

Carol  L.

"My hair dresser put low lights in yesterday and my how lovely it turned out. I used sponge rollers to add curl to the wefts. I can't tell you how simply beautiful I looked today. LOL. I felt 20 years younger. The topper did not show one bit of netting and layed perfectly flat. If God could have only let me have grown hair like this. But he let you have the knowledge to make it so now....I wear it. A thousand thank you. 




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Introducing a New Line of Tressmerize Hair Toppers

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