5 Hairstyle Trends you must try in 2017

January 11, 2017

5 Hairstyle Trends you must try in 2017

It's new year and everyone is talking about the new trends and what's coming in the new year. So, I decided to show you some of the top Hairstyle Trends you must try in 2017. 

I also wanted to show you how you can create these hairstyle trends by wearing both the Tressmerize Hair Extensions and the Hair Topper. That way if you want to recreate them and if you just have the hair topper you can do so by following the steps.
Now let's go into the Trends:


sleek and straight hairstyle

Straight, sleek hair parted in the center is a must this year. For this hairstyle you'll need a heat protecting spray, a hair straightener and an some kind of an oil to tame the freeze and keep your hair shiny and silky throughout the day.


flat waves hairstyle trend
Wearing 18" TressEnigma Hair Extensions and Hair Topper 

These flat waves are a little bit different than beachy waves. All you have to do is take the hair straightener and bend it over once leaving the ends straight.


growing out bangs hairstyle


Last year was the year of bangs, so this year we are trying to grow out those bangs. And if you ever had the bangs cut in your hair, you know how painful it is to grow them out. Since I am not willing to cut my bangs I decided to use one of the small toppers I had and cut the bangs in the topper to show you how it could look if you decided to cut the bangs too.


high ponytail hair trend

I was excited to see that high ponytail is one of the trends for 2017 because I really love wearing a high ponytail. But, what I am even more excited about is that I show you how to create a high ponytail by wearing our newest large topper.


the hair flip hair trend
Wearing TressEnigma Hair Topper

This hairstyle is super easy to do. All you have to do is flip your hair to one side making sure to create lots of volume on top. This kind of brought me back to 90's when we were wearing hair flipped to one side.
Let me know which hairstyle you like the most. If you have any suggestions for the hairstyles you'd like me to re-create send me an email to info@tressmerize.com or leave me a comment down below.

Watch now how I created these 5 hairstyle trends for 2017 by wearing the Tressmerize hair extensions and the hair topper.


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