5 Winter Care Tips for Healthy Hair

October 27, 2015

Today I want to share with you five winter care tips for healthy hair.  If you follow these simple tips it will will help keep your hair healthy this winter.

The reason I decided to create this video is because I’d been doing a to of research and I realized that a lot of things that I thought I was doing right for my hair turned out to be wrong.

So I am thinking if I thought these things were good and right for my hair but they are not then I thought these tips might helps somebody else out there that might be thinking the same thing, that is why I have a lot of new videos planed out for you.

If you have been following me then you know my back story, but if this is your first time but if you are here for the first time watching my channel, here is the summary.

About 3 years ago I bleached my hair to the point that it was so damaged that the only way of saving it was to shave my head. It was very hard at that point. I wore wigs. I didn’t want anyone to know what has happen to me. And it was all good during the winter months,you know the wigs were great, but when the summer came, I was really desperate in looking into hair extensions because I just felt hot under the wig.

And I turned into clip in hair extensions because you can clip them in and clip them out at the end of the day and be comfortable and also they will not damage your hair.

So I ordered a clip in hair extensions set and was quickly hit with the reality that my hair was just too short and I couldn’t wear them. But, I knew that there had to be a solution for this, you know for us girls with short hair and I couldn’t find anything so I decided to create my own kit, which is Tressmerize. A kit that serves women with short hair, but also women that have thinning problem on the crown of their head and that is because the kit comes with hair topper. A peace that goes on top of your head and that helps everything look natural as it is your own hair. And it conceals the short layers in the back and also the wefts if they might be showing through your short hair, but it also conceals the bald spots if you might be losing hair on the crown of your head.

So that is in a nut shell about my story and how Tressmerize came to life, and now let’s go to those 5 tips that will keep your hair healthy this winter.

1. Trim Your Hair
If you have dry or split ends they will make matters worse so before winter have your hair trimmed about half an inch to one inch depending on a damage, or if you are growing your hair like myself tell your hairstylist that you want dusting. There are techniques now a days that you can remove your split ends without removing length. Trimming your hair will keep it from drying even more during the cold, windy winter months.

2. Avoid Washing with Hot Water
Hot water can dry not just your hair but your skin too. Leaving you with itchy scalp and itchy skin. and nobody wants that! Instead wash your hair with warm water.

3. Limit Heat Tools
The obvious right! But if you are washing your hair once a week, than you are not going to have to use the heat tools that often. Also when you wash your hair let it air dry about 50% before you start using the blow dryer.

4. Use hydrating serum
Serums are essential in dry winter months. After washing your hair, use serum on wet hair. What I am currently using is this keratin protein that I purchased for $2 at walgreens. I apply this on wet hair which provides your hair with needed moisture while drying. The other thing I use is this hydrating coconut mask. I used this before going in to the shower. I apply it on my hair 15-30 minutes before going in the shower. Apply shower cap on it, this will help the product seep into your hair, and keep those cuticles nicely moisturized, so that they lay flat then I go into the shower and wash it. After your hair drys it will really be silky smooth hair. It’s definitely one of the great feelings that you’ll experience.

5. Wear Scarf/Hat
Before leaving the house protect your hair with nice scarf or hat. One of the sellers that I recently discovered, which this hat is on my list for this winter. It is a great idea. Their hats are satin lined which helps keep hair smooth and shiny. If you would like this hat for this winter here is the link where you can buy it. http://amzn.to/1XDYazZ

And this concludes my 5 tips for healthy hair this winter. Do you have any of your recommendations? Please leave us a comment down below.

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