How To Wash Your Tressmerize Hair Extensions Kit

June 05, 2014

In this video I show you how to wash your hair extensions kit.

Before we begin there are 3 things that I’d like to point out to you:

#1 Don’t wash your Tressmerize Hair Extensions Kit as often as you wash your own hair. I would suggest every 10 wears or when you see that there is too much product built up.

#2. Right after washing you’ll notice that the hair extensions are not as soft and smooth as they were when you took them out of the package. Don’t worry, it does take 3-5 days for the hair to get back to it’s original state

#3. Always use heat protecting spray and condition your hair extensions well.

Now Let’s go into learning how to wash your Tressmerize Kit,

Step One:

Take all of your hair extensions pieces and hold them in one had.

Wet them under a lukewarm water

Take a little bit of shampoo and run it trough the hair

Never rub the shampoo into the hair, but gently run it through

Wash the shampoo off.

Now take a little bit of conditioner and leave it for 2 -3 minutes

Repeat same steps with the hair topper

After your wash your hair extensions and a hair topper lay them out flat on the towel.

Don’t brush your hair extensions until the hair is completely dry. And when you brush always start from the bottom.

The next day, I take a heat protecting spray and spray it all over the hair and brush the hair gently.

I also use castrol oil, which you don’t have to but I use it for shine and manageability.

Source: Tressmerize


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