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Do Hair Toppers Cause Hair Loss

Do Hair Toppers Cause Hair Loss

Today's questions comes from Amanda and she writes: 

I could really use a topper - my hair is
thin everywhere & balding here & there BUT  don’t the clips cause us to lose more hair over time? I worry about that, what can U tell me? 


I’ve probably answered this question before but I wanted to dedicate this video because this is one of the very common questions when it comes to hair toppers. 

Now in order for me to prove my answer I have to talk to you about my own experience as that is the only way I can answer this.

First I think that hair toppers wouldn’t be a solution for hair thinning and hair loss if they were causing more hair loss.

I also understand because there are clips and you’re clipping something on to your hair you could get the pulling sensation.

But,  clip in hair toppers get taken off  at the end of each day which gives your hair and your scalp a break to recover during the night. 


When I wear my hair topper I never feel any pulling. If you experience tension or pulling, you need to unclip the clips and clip it back on in a way that there is no tension or pulling on your hair.

So the answer is Clip in hair toppers don’t cause you to lose more hair loss.

But, you may wonder;  how do I know when I don’t even have hair loss. 

Well let me bring you back to where I was and how my hair looked when I started wearing Tressmerize Hair Extensions and Topper. 

This is me in one of my first videos my hair just started growing out from the bleaching disaster, I was wearing clip in hair extensions and a hair topper every single day because I disliked the way my hair looked short and I just wanted to have long hair.

Fast forward 6 years and this is my hair now. You’d think that 6 years later, if hair toppers were causing more hair loss, I’d experience thinning or hair loss by now. 

In my case I think that the extensions and hair toppers helped me deal with the worst time I was going through with my hair. 

They helped me give my hair a break. 

They helped me grow my hair at its own growing pace 

and they helped me not to stress too much about my hair.

Do you have any questions for me, leave it in the comments below. 


I hope that this has helped you understand more when it comes to hair loss and wearing hair toppers. I always think it’s the best to hear it from someone that has already done it and I couldn’t make this video 6 years ago because I didn’t have an answer for you,  but it’s easy for me to talk about it today, because I went through it.  

 Finding hair toppers and helping you feel confident in your own skin again it has truly been one of the best things that have happened in my life.  So thank you for being here.

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