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How to cut curtain Bangs into a hair topper

How to cut curtain Bangs into a hair topper

Today, I wanted to take you through the process of how I cut curtain bangs on my hair topper.

Curtain bangs are a huge trend this year, they are these wispy bangs parted through the middle that cover your forehead and go down in to a longer layers, forming this curtain feel around your face.

These bangs were a huge trend in the 70's that's why sometimes they're referred as 70's bangs. 

You know even if I wanted to have them cut in my own hair they still wouldn't look the way I would want them to look because of my very fine hair. 

In the video below I show you how I cut some framing layers around my face, but that step you don't have to do on your own hair.  You can just cut the curtain bangs on your hair topper and use the topper to have that look. 

In every video I like to mention that I am not a hairstylist.  I wake up and think of a hairstyle that I would like to create and I take scissors and start cutting. The reason why I am recording this is because after I share photos on instagram, I get questions to how I did it, this way I have the whole process recorded and you can see how I do it. 

There's no professional technic here, I think the trick to cutting your bangs is using thinning scissors rather than regular ones. Thinning scissors help you get wispy ends and even if you make a mistake it's less noticeable. 

Watch the video below if you want to see how to cut curtain bangs into your hair topper. 


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