How to grow long hair

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How to grow long hair


I’ve been on this growing long, healthy hair journey for 6 years now. And when I look more in depth of what has helped me grow long hair, there’re definitely patterns or you could call it a hair routine that I follow that I think has made me grow a healthy and long hair. So, today I'm going to share some of my top tips that can help you grow long, healthy hair.



Having a hairstylist that understands you and your goal with your hair is very important when you’re growing out your hair.  I’ve had the same stylist for past 5 years and this is the longest and the healthiest my hair has been. When I go to color my hair which is 2x a year. If she asks me for a trim. I'll ask her do I really need it.  If she feels that I don’t need a trim she’ll tell me we don’t have to do it this time. I know that many pro’s suggest trim every 4-8 weeks, but if you don’t need a trim why trim it.


Getting a trim is important but that's on your trim pace.  And your hairstylist will help you determine when you need a trim.  Trimming your hair isn’t going to make your hair grow faster but it will keep it healthier.  If you get split ends and you don’t cut them right away, they can travel up your hair shaft causing more damage.


Hair doesn’t grow over night so don’t expect that your hair is going to magically grow in few months. You only get half an inch of hair growth per month and that is only if your hair is super healthy. So be patient and have this be your long term goal. This is me 6 years ago. I know when you’re in this situation, it’s hard to be patient and you’d want that hair overnight.


how to grow hair faster

I honestly think that wigs helped me keep it together 6 years ago when I shaved my head. And then later switching to Tressmerize hair extensions and hair topper helped me  go through those awkward stages while growing out my hair. And that is because this awkward stage can last for about 18 months. Now I know why I could never go through it before and I’d always go to the hair stylist and have her chop it off.  This is the first time that I let my hair grow and not touch it, I never even knew that my hair could grow this long.


I know I sound like a broken record about not washing your hair every day, but this is a must on my list for healthy hair. Shampoo even if it’s sulfate free strips your scalp of its natural oils leaving your hair dry and brittle. By washing your hair once or twice a week you’re giving your scalp enough time to produce the oils that are most beneficial to your hair health.  When you do wash your hair only use a shampoo on your scalp and don’t massage it down your hair, but let the rest of the shampoo slide down to wash the hair.


hair growth tips

When brushing your hair make sure to always brush from bottom towards the roots. I have learned this technique after getting the hair extensions. Being gentle with my hair extensions and hair toppers, made me realize that I should be treating my own hair like this if not even better.  


how to make your hair grow faster

 If you tend to wear a ponytail, switch up a placement of the ponytail. Wearing a ponytail at the same spot, can make the hair damage prone around that area, especially using tight elastics while wearing it. To minimize that tension use hair ties like scrunchies, coils or even this dandy tool called pony-o. I love using this one while wearing hair extensions in because it’s easier to put the hair through it and it doesn’t leave any ponytail marks after i take it out.



hair growth

Oils penetrates deep into the hair to help restore elasticity. They also  Strengthen the hair and repair damage caused by chemicals and other environmental stresses. My favorite oils to use on my hair are sunflower oil and jajoba oil. I love these two because they don’t make my hair greasy when I put them in. I use these two oils as a once a week treatment. Where I apply them on my scalp and rinse them out after 20 mins. But I also use them after I style my hair. I’ll put some on my fingers and slide it through hair. These oils keep my hair freeze free, and shiny.


    We all know that heat is very damaging to our hair. Try to minimize using heat tools on your hair as much as possible.If you must use the heat tools, always use a heat protecting spray before you use it. Make sure that your curling iron and your straightener has a tourmaline plates, they are a lot healthier for your hair.


    Eating foods that are rich in omegas 3, Vitamin D, E and iron  like: salmon, eggs, avocado, walnuts, spinach, blueberries, yogurt and other foods that have these amazing vitamins and minerals will help with carrying the oxygen to hair follicle, which will result in  you having a healthier looking hair.

    These are my Top 10 tips that I stick to for growing long hair.  I’d love to hear if you’re are trying to grow your hair and if you have any tips that I haven’t mentioned here. Please leave them in the comments below. 


    how to grow long hair

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