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How to High Ponytail with Hair Topper

One of the most classic hairstyles is a ponytail. Ponytail is so easy to do and it keeps you cool during the summer months. One of the trendy hairstyle that has been around for so long is a high ponytail. Especially the high voluminous ponytail. This ponytail sure will get you the attention. 

This high ponytail tutorial that I am showing you how to create today is super easy to achieve. If you don't want to wear the pieces that I am showing you today, you can follow the steps and still get a decent high ponytail that will stay up the whole day. 

I hope that you'll try to create it yourself. Let me know if you have any suggestions for hairstyles that you'd want me to create in future videos. 

Here is also a different way you can create a high ponytail if you want a little bit of an easier method. 

Here is step by step hair tutorial on how to create this high voluminous ponytail. 

STEP 1: 

Part your hair at the crown 

high ponytail tutorial

STEP 2: 

Install two 2 clip in wefts right over each other from Tressmerize kit.  The shade that I am using is TressEntice . clip in hair extensions

Then you're going to tie the ponytail. This ponytail is going to act as a base for your high ponytail and it also it will help your ponytail stay up high through out the day. 

high ponytail tutorial

Now you can install your hair topper human hair for thin hair

STEP 5: 
Gather your hair gently towards the back. You can use comb or a brush to smooth everything down. Don't worry too much of how the hair topper looks. We will work on fixing that later.  Tie another ponytail together with a bottom ponytail 

high voluminous ponytail tutorial

STEP 6: 
Now you can move to the front and gently pull on the sides, reposition your topper to make sure it lays flat and also pull some hair out around your face to frame it, that makes this hairstyle look more natural. 
human hair topper

STEP 7: 
This step is completely optional and not really necessary but I purchased this little tool called perky pony and I wanted to use it to see how much volume will the ponytail have. All you do is gather the top section from the ponytail and install this tool in between. And boom it gives you that perfect ponytail you see on celebrities. :) perky ponytail

Here is the full tutorial: 

 You can Pin This Image :) 

high voluminous ponytail tutorial

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