How To Put in Extensions

December 13, 2016 0 Comments

Now that my hair is pass my shoulders, it doesn't count as short hair anymore. Even though I did record the video on how to put in clip in hair extensions in your hair awhile ago, I wanted to show you how to put in extensions again with using 18 inch hair extensions and a large base 18 inch hair topper. 

Since my friend has short and thin hair I asked her to model for me. 

If you have short and thin hair and wonder if you can wear hair extensions I can tell you that chances are you can wear Tressmerize system.  I started wearing Tressmerize when my hair was only 3 inches long. 

Tressmerize system is made out of 100% Remy Human Hair. It is soft and luxurious, you get 6 total pieces that are light and you barely feel them in your hair, and today we used our Off Black Hair Extensions and Hair Topper (TressIndulge) shade on Ella's hair. 

You can color, use heat tools and style Tressmerize hair as your own. 

Here are the steps on how to put in extensions for a most natural look when you have short thin hair:

Step 1.

hot to put in extensions

Gather the bottom portion of your hair and  pin it away. This will allow for a more natural look on the bottom once you put in hair extensions. You are not going to see weird short pieces showing through. 

Step 2. 
Take two 2-clip pieces and install them right next to each other. 

clip in extensions

how to put in extensions

Step 3. 
Section hair right at the ear. Take biggest piece out of Tressmerize hair extensions set and clip it in. 

how to put in extensions

Step 4. 
Section hair on each side right at the temple. Take 3 clip in weft and install it slanted.  Take the other 3 clip piece and install from the other side, they should meet in the middle or be close to each other. 

how to clip in extensions

Step 5. 
If you have short hair or thinning on top the hair topper is a crucial piece and that is what makes your short or thinning hair looks so natural and voluminous. You clip in your hair topper on top of the head and your are ready to go. 

how to clip in hair topper


The video below shows you the step by step process on how to put in extensions: 



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