Low Ponytail Hairstyles

August 31, 2017 0 Comments


Today, I wanted to show you 5 easy not so ordinary low ponytail hairstyles. 
These low ponytails can be worn with your casual styles but you can easily pull them off for a formal event as well. 
Let me know in comments below which one is your favorite. 
For all of these hairstyles I am wearing 2  3 clip wefts and a hair topper from Tressmerize Kit in shade ombre blonde hair extensions TressEntice

Here are 5 Not so Ordinary Low Ponytails


CrissCross Low Ponytail
criss cross low ponytail
Divide your hair into 3 even sections 
Tie a low ponytail in the middle
Take the section from either side create a hole on the opposite side and pull through
Then take another section and wrap it around the ponytail 
Tie with a elastic and your'e all set. 

Textured  Low Ponytail
textured low ponytail
You're going to start by creating a ponytail right at the crown
Then you're going to take small section of hair on each side of the head
Tie another ponytail but to the side
You're going to repeat the same steps by taking small section of hair on each side and tying a ponytail but on the opposite side of previous
Once your reach the nape 
You'll tie a low ponytail 

Knotted Low Ponytail
knotted low ponytail
Tie a low ponytail
Take section of hair from each side of a ponytail 
Loop them through to create a knot 
And wrap them under the ponytail and tie with an elastic 
Repeat these steps 2 more times 
And you get a chic knotted low ponytail 

Topsy Tail Low Ponytail
topsy tail ponytail
You're going to take two sections on each side of the head right above the ears
Tie a ponytail
Then make a hole and pull that ponytail twice through that hole
Do this all the way down until your reach the nape of the head
Create a low ponytail and you're done

Flower Low Ponytail
flower braid low ponytal
Take two sections under the ears and tie them together
Then do a topsy tail which is opening a whole and looping the
hair through that hole
Then divide the section into three equal sections
Braid a three strand braid
Then pancake the braid only one side
Take the bride starting at the bottom 
Rotating in circular motion leaving the pancaked side outside
Creating a flower 
Then pin in place

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