Textured Pigtails

January 31, 2016 0 Comments

Textured Pigtails

Yesterday I showed you how to create an easy updo.  And today I will show you how to create textured pigtails. But these are not ordinary textured pigtails. These are boho inspired and messy textured pigtails.

I love doing my hair differently and messy on the weekends. It is a perfect time to take your hair to the next level.

Today’s is the last day of the hair challenge #mydojanuary. It was fun to create a different hairstyle every single day this month and to take you on the journey of how I do it too.

I hope that I have thought you something. I encourage you to not be afraid when it comes to your hair, be creative, be bold, take action. Sometimes I surprise myself too when I create a hairstyle that I had no idea I could pull off on my own. It’s satisfying.

This isn’t the last tutorial you’ll see from me, but I am planning on doing some educational videos down the road with mix of hair tutorials in between.  Thank you for your support, comments, love and to those that joined the challenge this month and shared their hair creations.

I always love seeing those. And now, here is the Pigtails hair tutorial for you:



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