Spring Essential + 9 Spring Outfits

March 21, 2019 0 Comments

Spring Essential + 9 Spring Outfits

Today, I got something different for you. I believe that fashion and hair go together and that the hairstyle completes the outfit. So, today I am sharing Spring Wardrobe Essentials and 9 Spring Outfit Ideas with you.

Every time I choose an outfit to wear, I also think about how I am going to style my hair with that outfit. Do you do the same?

I love to change up my hairstyles and now that spring is hopefully right around the corner, it's a perfect time to show you some of my top casual outfits I love to wear in spring.

Also, I have a different hairstyle with each outfit, and there will be a separate video on how I did these hairstyles.

I live in New York state, so our spring is pretty much non existent. It's usually cold until May and then summer comes, which means hot and humid weather. So we go from heavy jackets, and being bundled up, to needing to wear dresses and sandals.

But still for about a month or so, I like to pretend it's spring and I start dressing up.

Of course for this type of weather you need layers, so that you can feel warm during the cold mornings and remove the layers when it warms up in the afternoon.

Here are my Spring Wardrobe Pieces:


I don't know if it's because I'm an 80's child but I have a thing for mom jeans. They're so flattering on any figure, and if you're in your 30's + you'll appreciate the high rise and not to talk about how they give you a nice butt shape too.


Wearing jeans with details like this adds interest and acts as a statement piece to any look.


These pants are ankle-length and they usually have a removable tie belt, which I often like to remove and add a leather belt to spruce up an outfit. These are of course high waisted too, and they're so comfortable. They look great with any type of shoe. I like to wear them with booties and sneakers, but they go well with sandals too.


Blouses with lace, balloon sleeve, and pretty much any feminine details all add a nice touch to your outfit. In spring I like to choose either a white blouse or floral blouses to bring in some color to my outfit.


I like to wear off the shoulder sweaters and perforated sweaters in spring. They keep you warm, they're breathable and are effortlessly chic.
spring wardrobe essentials


I love light, see-through turtlenecks and I think they're a great spring wardrobe essential. However, I don't feel comfortable wearing them alone, but they pair so well under a bodysuit or even a satin cami.


I always wanted to try this type of dress and I am so happy that I got it this year. You can wear  it over a sweater, a pretty blouse, a turtleneck and pretty much any top you might have in your wardrobe. It looks great with over the knee boots or booties.


I love booties, I have so many and always think that I don't have enough. They are a great transitional piece. You can wear them any season, especially in spring and fall. Today you can find so many different styles to create any outfit you want. For spring I like to wear lighter colors like white, nude or leopard or snake print bootie.


I love comfort and I was so excited when the sneaker trend came back because now we can dress up in a suit, dress, even a skirt and wear sneakers and still look put together.


A perfect way to add that layering piece is to wear a denim jacket. I often like to wear denim jackets under the coats or even blazers if I want to add an extra layer of warmth. I like a cropped style denim jacket because I feel they are more flattering especially if you're on a short side. They accentuate your waist,  making you look taller.


They usually say faux leather jacket is a great layering piece in fall and winter but I love to wear it in spring as well. I feel it's a great transitional piece. I like my leather jacket cropped to accentuate my waste as well.


This is a great trendy piece that adds that cool girl look to any of your outfits. I love pairing a casual outfit with boyfriend fit blazer and sneakers. It gives you that relaxed, but put together look.


It's important to protect our eyes from harmful sun-rays, so sunglasses are a must. I love to wear sunglasses that are either in some kind of bold color or tortoiseshell which go well with pretty much any outfit.
And here are a few of the outfits I paired with these pieces, but of course you could create so many outfits with just these pieces, by mixing and matching them together.

spring outfits
Let me know in the comments below which outfit is your favorite.


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