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How to add Lowlights in a Hair Topper

How to add Lowlights in a Hair Topper

One of the most often asked questions I get is how can I add highlights to my hair topper. And I always say that you should avoid using bleach at all costs on your human hair pieces because that can damage and dry out your piece.  There is a however a way to still have highlights but not bleach your hair topper. 

How To Color Grey Ombre Hair Topper

The grey ombre hair has been a trend for few years now. If you want to have this ombre grey hair, the first step is bleaching your hair to light blonde. The good thing is we have hair toppers for that and no damage is done to our own hair. 
How to color roots in your human hair topper

How to color roots in your human hair topper

Today's blog post is about how you can color roots to your hair topper. And even though I do suggest always for you to consult with your hairstylist and have them do this for you because they know best how to match your root color on your hair topper
Toning Hair Extensions

Toning Hair Extensions

I love watching Hair101withApril and I have learned so much from her, when it comes to hair. Recently she did a video on how to tone and care for hair extensions which I believe will help you if you have or get TressVivid and want that brighter white color. Check out her video and make sure to leave her some love.