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5 Myths about Hair Toppers

5 Myths about Hair Toppers

Today we’re going to talk about 5 Myths about Hair Toppers. 

Hair loss and thinning can be very stressful and it can definitely take a toll on your self esteem.  We are fortunate that there are so many different options to choose from when it comes to concealing the hair loss.

But even with so much information out there about alternative hair you might be still confused about who to believe and trust.  And I totally get it, that’s why I wanted to sit down and maybe shed some light on a few of these myths that tend to be very common when it comes to hair toppers or alternative hair in general.  So let’s talk about some of these Myths about Hair Toppers

  1. Myth #1: Everyone Will Know I am wearing it. 

This is probably the biggest concern we have when it comes to choosing and wearing a hair topper, but I said it before and I’ll say it again, this is absolutely NOT TRUE. When you learn how to properly install the hair topper on your head, there’s no way that others are going to be able to tell, unless you openly tell them that you are wearing it. 

  1. Myth #2 Styling and Caring for Hair toppers takes too much Time 

Again, this is so FALSE! Yes, if you go with Human Hair Toppers you’re going to have to style it, but once you create that hairstyle that you want, it is going to last you until you wash your hair topper and it isn’t going to take you any longer than you need to style your own hair. I often put a curl in my hair topper after washing and, over a period of a few days these curls loosen up and then I have beach waves all up until I need to wash my hair topper again.  

  1. Myth #3 My head is too big/ small for the hair topper

There are so many options out there that I am confident to say that you can find the hair topper that can fit your head and cover the areas you need to cover so this is not true. 

  1. Myth #4: Buying a hair topper means you’re stuck with one hairstyle

Again this is so not true, I don’t know if you’re following my instagram account, I am going to put a handle right here. There are so many different hairstyles that I have on there and I am always wearing a hair topper, if I am not, I make sure to say it in the caption. As a matter of fact, the hairstyles that I create would look so lame if I didn’t have a topper on. 

  1. And Myth #5 Wearing a topper will cause even more hair loss

I don’t know if you’ve been with me since the beginning, but if you haven’t this is how my hair was when I first created Tressmerize and at that time I was wearing clip in hair extensions and a hair topper every single day. As my hair grew I leaned mostly on hair toppers for volume on top of my head. But as you can see, my hair is very long and as a matter of fact very healthy. If toppers were causing more hair loss that means that I would have experienced it by now since it’s been almost 6 years. 

I hope that I have helped you clear some misunderstandings when it comes to hair toppers.
Do you have any questions? Leave them in the comments below. 

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