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How to Bubble Ponytail

How to Bubble Ponytail

Today I am showing you how to create a pom pom ponytail, can also be called a bubble ponytail because that’s exactly what it is. This ponytail has been seen on runways. It adds another dimension to a regular ponytail.

All you have to do is tie a low ponytail. Hide the elastic by wrapping some a piece of hair around it.

Then tie another ponytail 2″ under the first tie. Stretch that little pony into a bubble,

Wrap piece of hair around it to hide the elastic.

Keep repeating all the way to the end of ponytail.

Watch the tutorial here;

Yesterday I showed you how to do Dutch Braid Messy Bun and tomorrow I will show you How to Create a Voluminous Messy Bun

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