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Easy Rolled Bun Hairstyle

Easy Rolled Bun Hairstyle

Today I wanted to show you this easy rolled bun hairstyle.  You will see that my hair is pretty short in this hair tutorial. And I apologize, but I am feeling quiet sick, reason why my voice sounds so raspy. 

In this hair tutorial I am wearing 16 inch hair extensions and hair topper that we do not offer in this shade anymore. Since this video we have transitioned into 18 inch hair extensions and 18 hair toppers that have 5x6 monofilament lace base. 

For this hair style you need to create a low ponytail. 

Once you have a low ponytail you make a whole in the middle and flip your ponytail through that hole to create a twist. 

Then you take all your hair and roll it into a bun, tucking it into that hole where you made a twist. 

You will see since my hair is short that some short pieces are showing under but don't worry you can always pin those up and hid them with some bobby pins. 

Once you have that bun all rolled up and tucked in you do want to secure it with bobby pins. 

I hope that you will try this hairstyle, you can also watch the hair tutorial below: 

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