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Can you sleep with a Hair Topper

Can you sleep with a Hair Topper

Can you sleep with a hair topper on that’s the question we’re going to answer next.


Sleeping with your hair topper on it’s not recommended especially if your hair topper has clips like our Tressmerize hair toppers. But I did it and in the video I share how it went  

Sleeping with your hair topper on could cause pulling on your own hair because we turn and toss during the night it can cause the topper’s hair to get tangled and in the end your piece could get damaged and you’d need to replace it sooner. 

I understand you might be on a business trip and sharing a room with a colleague and they’re not aware of your alternative hair, and you absolutely must sleep with your hair topper on then I’d say sleeping with your hair topper on for a night or two will not do much damage. Although you might not get a good night's sleep because it might feel unusual to sleep with it on.  

In that case I’d still recommend braiding your hair with your hair topper or putting your hair in a ponytail, that way the hair stays put in one place and there shouldn’t be as much friction. 

Watch the video to see what I had to say about sleeping with Tressmerize hair topper. 


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