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Bad Hair Habits that Can Cause Hair Thinning

Today I want to talk to you about some of the common bad habits that we do on daily basis that can be over time damaging to your hair, but before we go into talking about these bad habits, I think it's important to know how hair works and stages of hair growth. 

The first stage is called GROWTH STAGE. 
This stage can last anywhere from 2-7 years and this stage determines how long our hair is going to be.  About 80-90% of our hair is at this stage at any given time. 

After stage one we move to TRANSITIONAL STAGE. 
This stage lasts for about 10 days and at this stage our hair shrinks and detaches from the scalp. After this happens the hair is no longer receiving the nutrients and it starts to fall out. 

Which then goes into stage three a SHEDDING STAGE. 
This stage last about 3 months and usually 10-15% of hair is in this stage at any given time. Which is understandable that we shed hair every single day. It is perfectly fine to lose about 100 hair per day. But if you're seeing more than that then it could be due to some underlining issue and you should consult your physician about it.

And after this stage we move into stage for which is called SHORTENING OF the GROWTH STAGE.  Many people experience this as they age which means that the stage one is shortened and this causes slower hair growth, more brittle hair and thinner hair as a result.

So, what are some reasons we can get THINNING HAIR?

There are many factors that can cause hair thinning, some of them are medical reasons, medications, birth control, post pregnancy hair loss, hormonal changes, smoking but there are also some of the bad habits that we do on daily basis that over time can cause hair thinning. We are not aware that something causes hair damage to our hair until it's there are visible signs of hair thinning and this can be because we did something 3 months ago.  

So let's talk about these Bad Habits: 

Cotton pillowcase causes frictions, and diminishes hair of it's natural oils that over time will turn your hair into brittle damage prone hair which will cause thinning at the end. 

Many studies have proven that sleeping on satin pillowcase can be very beneficial; it reduces wrinkles and prevents hair loss. 

Regular hair towels are very rough on our hair, they can cause frizz and also wrapping hair in the regular body towel can cause hair to easily break and over time it will cause hair thinning. 

INSTEAD Use a Microfiber Hair Towel. 
These towels are designed for your hair, they are soft and you don't have to worry that it will cause damage to your hair. 

It is very important to have a well balance nutritional diet in order to grow your hair healthy. However, when we crash diet, our body uses the nutrition to feed necessary organs for survival and because our hair is not as important it's a last organ to receive nutrients. And if you're crash dieting your hair can end up without getting any nutrients for months. 

It's very important to have a well balanced nutritional diet that includes fruits, veggies, especially lean proteins, at least 45 grams of protein a day to insure you get enough that will go in to your hair as well and Omega 3's because they're very important and nourish scalp with needed nutrients for healthy hair growth. Some of the foods that include Omega 3's are Walnuts, all types of fish: tuna, white fish, salmon and also yolk in eggs. Please eat a healthy balanced diet if you want to have a healthy hair. 

I am guilty of this as well. I used to tie my hair in a ponytail almost every day, but wearing a ponytail every day cause tightens around your hair line and over time it breaks of your hair that causes hair thinning. 

INSTEAD Braid your hair, wear a low ponytail that is not tight, and create a bun that is secure with bobby pins instead of elastic. And use a scrunchies instead of elastic tie. 

Our healthy hair contains natural oils that cause flexibility, but when we use hot showers the hot water strips the oils from our hair and leaves it brittle and damage prone. 
Wash your hair with warm water and over time you'll have a healthy hair. 

And this concludes this blog posts. I hope that you have enjoyed these tips and that you'll start making changes today, and that 3 months from now, you'll see a huge improvement in your hair. I know I have. 

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