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How to Clip In Hair Topper

How to Clip In Hair Topper

I have been getting questions from some of you on how I install the topper in my hair and today I show you few options on how to perfectly blend the topper in your hair. 

There are so many different hairstyles, hair colors and root colors. It is hard to carry each shade for each head, that is why Tressmerize is easily customized because you can color it to match your own hair. 

My roots are usually dark, because I don’t want to color my hair much and want to grow healthy hair, I decided to keep the roots dark and have a little bit of dimension at the bottom. 

The shade that I wear is our shade TressChic beautiful combination of Medium Brown with Blonde Highlights. 

But I didn’t want to color the topper roots permanently right away. I wanted to see how it will look first and you can do that too. 

For example if you get your Tressmerize kit on Friday and you have an event on Saturday but can’t schedule an appointment to see the hairstylist, this technique is great. It will give you the color you want, but it’s also temporary if you make a mistake, you just wash it off. 

The product that I am using is called Quick Fix Gray. I go over the top portion of my topper darkening it as much as I can. 

Keep in mind the product rubs off on your fingers after application but it can be washed off. 

If you like the way your topper looks with the color you chose, then you can decide to permanently color your topper. 

Another trick I use to make a part look exactly like my own, I take a little bit of canceler and dab it over the topper and the area that separates the topper and my own scalp. 

Please watch the video to see some other ways on how to perfectly blend the topper in your hair:

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