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Hairstyle Trends for 2020

Hairstyle Trends for 2020

Now that new decade is here and we are ready to start fresh, I wanted to share some of the top hairstyle trends you’re going to see in 2020


Hairstyle #1: Part and wear your hair on the side. 

You know this is one of my absolute favorite ways to wear my hair and to see that this among the top trends it makes me so happy.

Hairstyle #2: Utilize your scarves 

Adding scarfs to your hair makes a such a statement and it helps you add some color and interest to your outfit. You can check out my instagram account and follow me there, I often post a lot of hairstyles incorporating scarves. 

Hairstyle #3 Bubble ponytail 

We all wear ponytails daily, but adding some interest makes a huge statment.

Hairstyle #4 Braiding Your Hair

Braids have been here for a long time and there here to stay, you can braid your hair like this or wear braids on the side and parted braids as well

Hairstyle #5  Long Hair

It’s refreshing to see that his year is going to be all about long hair and one of the easiest ways you can add long hair is by using hair extensions to get that extra length. 

Let me know in the comments which hairstyle trends is your favorite? 

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