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How Much Hair Extensions Cost?

How Much Hair Extensions Cost?

Over the past few years I have been getting a lot of the same questions and that is the reason why I decided to create these QandA series. My goal is to help answer these question in my best knowledge so that at the end of the each video you have a clear understanding on what direction you want to go with when it comes to hair extensions.

Today, I am going to be talking about one of the most often asked questions and that is



 When it comes to choosing the right hair extensions method for you, you have to know what type of person are you. Are you Do it yourself or Done for you type of person? 



If you are someone that enjoys learning new things and you get satisfaction from doing things yourself then you are DIY type of person,


For example I’m a person that likes to do things myself and the reason why I chose clip in extensions. I didn’t want to commit to a permanent solution without first knowing if I’ll even like extensions, plus do it yourself method is cheaper than having a professional do it for you.

There are few DIY options to choose from and they are

1. clip in hair extensions
2. halo hair extensions
3. clip in hair topper 


What are they?

They are these hair strands that have a barrette like clip at the roots that clips in to your hair.  Many brands that sell clip in hair extensions online sell them based on length and thickness.  

What length should you choose? 


If you have thin hair let’s say length to your shoulders which is around 10 inches. The longest length you should be going with if you want that natural look is 16-18 inches hair extensions.


Some people that try clip in hair extensions  say that it can be time consuming to clip them in every day. And I can see how it can be time consuming when you have too many pieces to deal with and that’s mainly the reason you’d want to go with a permanent option which requires a professional to do it for you.

Clip in Remy Human Hair Extensions Cost?

Depending on length and thickness the cost ranges from $120-350.

You can find human hair extensions on amazon between  $40-100 but these extensions are often 100 grams and are not double wefted which can look very uneven and thin on the bottom.

Now for Tressmerize hair extensions you get 5 pieces, 18” length  and 150 grams which gives you the thickness you need with a lot less pieces and clips and the cost is $160.



 What are they?

This is one piece of hair extensions on a thick weft that is around 100-120 grams of hair and it has a silicone wire going around. This wire is put on top of the head and adjusted to your head

I have been asked number of times to offer these extensions but after testing here is what I think: 


They feel bulky in the back because all the thickness is on one piece and you can’t distribute the hair evenly as you can when you wear clip ins.

You can only wear your hair down with these and you’d need a topper to compensate for the lack of hair on top and back.


The cost for these hair extensions depending on thickness can be anywhere from $40-320.



 What is it?

This is a piece that is made of this thin mesh like lace professional term is monofilament lace. And it can have 3, 4 and even more clips. The part can be changed in any direction and you can also cut bangs into it. I love the topper because it gives me fullness on top of my head. My part is very prominent and I have gray hair but with the topper I don’t have to worry about any of that. 

Seriously this piece was a God sent to me and I wear it every day. Without it I feel naked and my hair feels just blah. The moment I put the topper on my hair I feel so much better I don’t even have to have make up on I can leave the house.  

Hair Toppers work in most hair types, but where they really shine are for women that have hair thinning or hair loss. Many of our customers use the topper to disguise hair thinning or hair loss. 


Learning process can be harder for some, because it takes time to learn how to properly install the topper on your head to make it look as natural as possible.


The cost for Tressmerize hair topper which has base 5x6,  18” lenght and 90 grams thickness is $490 other brands that sell the same base, length and thickness range from $530-1300.

Why so expensive?

 Hair toppers are costly because they are hand sewn by a specialized technician who has to know how to properly saw this hair through this lace so it goes in the direction like our own hair.  This handmade process takes about 7 days to complete one topper.


Now if you are busy and you don't have time to learn how to clip in extensions in your hair then you are done for you (DFY ) type of person.

There are few options of hair extensions methods that you can choose from and they are: 

1. Cold fusion or micro link
2. Hot fusion or keratin tip
3. Tape in extensions 





What are they?

These are the extensions that have strand of hair attached to little bead or loop. The hair is looped through that bead and clamped and they are installed close to scalp.


You can end up with 100’s of these little beads in your head. And they can be uncomfortable for sleeping or laying down.  


This method can take 3-5 hours to install and it can cost anywhere from $800-1000 depending on where you live and the level of the stylist experience.



What are they?

These are extensions that have keratin wax on the tip of the strand and this hair is attached to your hair with a special tool that heats this wax and binds it together to your hair.

This method must be done by someone who is well trained in the application of these type of extensions otherwise the hair can get broken and really damaged at the roots.


Usually hairstylists require a none refundable deposit before they start the work, because they have to order the hair extensions for you before the installation. Also, you need to ask your hairstylist of what type of hair they’re using because some salons offer mixture of synthetic and human hair, which can tangle and matte when in your hair. 

The most important thing is that your stylist is licensed and trained in putting in hair extensions because if they’re not your hair can really get damaged.


These are one of the most expensive methods out there it can cost anywhere from $900 - 2000+  for full head installation.  

They should be taken out every 3-4 months and you need to have periodical checkins to see that they look OK.



What are they?

They are these strands of hair called wefts, but instead of clips at the roots they have tape, and your hair is sandwiched between two pieces of tape in hair extensions.


Slightly uncomfortable in the beginning because the tape is close to scalp

You can’t get it wet first 24 hours after installation.

When you wash your hair. It will feel heavy this applies to all permanent methods and the hair will take you longer to wash and dry.

You have to sleep with loose braid

When you sleep and move around at night it can cause friction between your hair and tape causing matting and the tape could fall out too

You need to brush your hair throughout the day

You have to wear your hair down for first 2 weeks.


The cost for tape in hair extensions in a solon is $150 per bundle. For full head you often need 2-3 bundles. Which means for full head of hair you’ll be paying around $300-450. Now you need to also know that stylist need to charge for their time and if their hourly rate is $60 per hour which is low the full head installation can last 2-4 hrs. So for 2 hrs it would be $120 and for 4 it would be $240. Now we’re in the range of $600 and this is very low scale.

Plus every 4-6 weeks you’ll need to go for touch up and that can be around $150.

If you find a stylist that is willing to install hair extensions that you purchase yourself then you can find tape in hair extensions on amazon for around $40 per 50 gram bundle you might need 2-3 of those which you need to consult with your stylist and check before you buy and depending on how many you need it would cost you for the hair $80-120. Then the cost would be around $400, and this is based on hairstylist rate 60 per hour. 

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