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How to Blow Dry and Style a Hair Topper

How to Blow Dry and Style a Hair Topper

I've been telling you lately how important it is to style your hair topper properly not only to help you extend the life of you hair topper, but to also make it work better on your head. 

Today in the video I show you exactly how to give your hair topper a hair salon blow out and style it  so that you love wearing it. 

First I wash the hair topper with sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. And instead of letting the hair topper to air dry naturally, I show you how to blow dry your hair topper like they do it in a hair salon. 

After the hair topper is about 80% dry I take a hair brush and section the hair and blow dry the hair by moving the hair through the brush and following it with a dryer.

This will help out smooth the hair and ensure that is hair dry completely. After the hair topper is completely dry then you can take a heat styling tool of your preference and style the topper.  

Once I style the topper with my curling iron then I take a blow dryer again and section the hair and hit to roots with cool hair this lifts the hair from the roots and adds volume there as well. 

In this blog post on how to keep a hair topper from going flat on top I share how you can add lots of volume to your hair topper by naturally drying it but if you are styling and using a hair dryer to dry your hair topper then this is a great way to add volume to your roots. 

After that you can use a hair spray and set your hairstyle in place. 

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