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How to choose your first hair topper? Hair Toppers Guide for a Beginner

How to choose your first hair topper? Hair Toppers Guide for a Beginner

Today’s question comes from Jenny and she says:

I am a 35-year-old woman who has always had thin hair.  Within the last year, after having my son, my hair has been falling out enough that I am starting to see my scalp.  I am looking for some type of coverage and I came across your site.  What would you suggest for a new "hair wearer"?  I am finally getting used to the idea (and over the depression of losing my hair) that I will probably need to start wearing hair, but I want to make sure what I wear looks natural and will not fall out.

Thank you for your questions Jenny, this is a great question and today I am going to try to give you some of my best tips that will hopefully help you when choosing your first hair topper. 


Coming to a decision that it’s time to start wearing a hair topper can be either exciting or very challenging. There are so many worries that you may have such as things you wrote: 

  1. Will it look natural
  2. Will others going to be able to tell I am wearing it or 
  3. Will it be uncomfortable?

I understand that you might have all these questions  because I was asking myself the same in the beginning too.  Now 6 years into wearing hair toppers they’re part of my life. I have no issue talking about them and showing others how it’s done, but the beginning was hard. 

Let’s start with some of the tips: 

Tip #1 Know your Budget
The most important thing is knowing your budget and how much  you’re willing to spend on your first piece? This will play a huge determining factor to what hair topper you can go with. As the prices can hugely vary between hair toppers.   

Tip #2 Choose a light density 

Now you might wonder what is a light density piece?  Density is measured based on the base of topper and the grams of hair that it has. For example our concealtop hair topper is 5.5 x 5.5 inch base and it has 75 grams. That is a low density topper and it’s perfect for beginners. These pieces look very natural.  The part looks natural and you’re not going to feel so self conscious.

Where as if you get a hair topper with a high density then the part looks less natural and a lot denser.  The reason I say to go with low density is because you might want to cover your  hair loss but you might not necessarily want to have something that has a lot of hair.

When you put a low density topper on you are not going to be as self conscious about it and you will barely feel it that it’s on and others will not even notice that you’re wearing alternative hair.

When I shaved my head no-one in my family knew I shaved my head besides my husband and my son. I got a wig and just started wearing it but as I would be around my friends and family they would tell me wow, you hair looks amazing, how is that?  And of course,  I would tell them that it’s a wig. People might notice when all of a sudden you have a lot more hair than you did before. 

Tip #3 Choose the right hair type 
You have the option of choosing synthetic or human hair. Choosing the right hair type will depend on your preference and your budget.

Keep in mind:  Synthetic hair can’t be customized to your own hair color, so you’d have to find a pretty close color to match your hair.
Synthetic hair is more shiny.
And synthetic hair tends to tangle.
You also have to have a separate products to use on your synthetic hair
and synthetic hair toppers don’t last as long as a human hair.
Which means you’ll need to replace your piece more often and in the end it could cost you more or the same as going with a human hair topper.
The good thing about synthetic hair is that the style you buy stays like that even after washing.

Tip #4: Choose the right lace

There are different types of lace that are used to make hair toppers on.  There is a regular lace that has bigger holes making knots on the topper very visible. And there is a monofilament lace which has very small holes resulting in a much smaller and realistic knots.  There are also toppers that are made on a silk lace. These look a lot more natural since these knots are hidden under a layer of silk.
But the silk can look whiter  than our own scalp and also silk isn’t as breathable as lace. So you might end up feeling hot under the silk topper and silk hair toppers only can be parted about 1 inch left or right something to take into consideration.

Tip #4 Be Patient 

Just like with anything new, it takes time to learn how to properly put your first hair topper on and get used to it.  

You will need to learn proper installation and how to make the topper work for you which brings me to  

Tip #5 Take your hair topper to your hairstylist

Once you get your first piece, I’d suggest you take it to your hairstylist. I receive emails all the time from my clients telling me after taking their hair topper to their stylist and having their topper customized to match their hair color and hairstyle, that it makes a huge difference. 

Plus it will save you so much time, frustration and worry in the first place because when they cut that piece to match your face and to blend with your hairstyle it’s going to be so much easier to just clip and go. 

Now, you might wonder if others are going to be able to tell that you’re wearing it and the answer is NO. If you customize the piece and you know how to install it properly on your head no one will be able to tell that you’re wearing it.

Even now when I meet with people and they know that I am wearing my hair topper all the time, they ask me are you wearing it now, I can’t tell.

Another question you might have is will it be uncomfortable? Again I am speaking here just from the experience of wearing Tressmerize hair toppers. And I can say that they’re extremely comfortable and you barely feel them on your head. 

I also get emails like this from many of my current clients telling me that they’ve tried other brands and that they like Tressmerize toppers for comfort and quality. The comfort is also determined by the clips that are on the topper which bring me to  

Tip #6 Choose the right clips

There are TWO different types of clips that hair toppers come with.
These are very uncomfortable for me to wear.They hurt my scalp and pull on my hair.  That’s Why I chose to put these clips on Tressmerize hair toppers as I find these types of clips a lot more comfortable on my head and they don’t cause any issues on my scalp.

Now if you are hair topper wearer and have any other tips for us leave a comment below so we can all learn from each other and if you'd like to be the first to receive special discounts and offers sign up on our email list below. 





  • I am looking for a short, white winglet to help with my thinning hair.

    Sharon Bancroft
  • I am looking for a human hair topper, white, to assist with my thinning hair.


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  • I am looking for a short, white winglet to help with my thinning hair.

    Sharon Bancroft
  • I am looking for a human hair topper, white, to assist with my thinning hair.