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How to Color Customize Your Hair Topper

How to Color Customize Your Hair Topper

Today I want to show you two different variations of how you can color customize your hair topper.  Having a human hair topper is great because if you decide you want to color your hair darker like I just did then you can always color your hair topper to match your hair. 

I know you might be afraid to customize your own hair topper then I would recommend you to take it to your hair stylist. 

I customized quite few toppers for you lovely ladies and the outcomes turned out great. Most of the time when I customize hair toppers is for those that have single color. You know which color you buy at the drug store and it's easy to do it that way. But if you have ombre or any balayage style hair colors, that's a lot harder because It's harder to tell in the photos what exactly are the colors of the hair. 

When you color your hair topper, if you don't want the lace to get colored then it's the best to use oil and apply it on the lace. 

Also use a mannequin head to color the hair topper because you will have a better control and you can see better what you are coloring. 

Please watch the video to see how I colored the hair toppers. 


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