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How to curl your hair with a clamp curling iron

How to curl your hair with a clamp curling iron

It might be a surprise for you to why I created this video, but I purchased this curling iron with a clamp few months ago because I wanted to switch to turmaline tools. 

I chose turmaline curling iron because turmaline is the healthiest option for your hair when it comes to hot tools. 

Turmaline is this crystal that is finally grounded and infused in ceramic hot plates. And after they are heated the turmaline releases negative ions that help keep hair healthy. They reduce frizz and add shine. 

The reason I went with a clamp curling iron was because they are so many hairstyles you can create and it seemed so easy to use too. So, of course I'll go for it. 

But once I got it I was clueless to how to use this thing, it took me a while to figure out. 

After using it for few times my hair kept getting caught in the clamp and coming out even more frizzier and almost like burned. So I decided to practice curling my hair with cool curling iron and I figured it out. 

So what I think is that if you keep the clamp towards your face and the wand towards your back makes a whole difference and curling your hair that way is so easy. 

Watch how to use curling iron with a clamp tutorial in this video below and how I curl my hair too.  And let me know if you're using this type of curling iron and if you were having hard time using it. Or os it just me? ;) 

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