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How to dye hair extensions

How to dye hair extensions

I often get asked if you can color the hair extensions or if you order the hair that is darker than yours can it be bleached to make it lighter.

I always suggest to order a shade lighter than your hair if you are not 100% sure which shade would best match your hair.

The reason for that is because it is much easier to color the hair extensions darker than to bleach them and make them lighter.

As you know bleach is very damaging to your own hair especially it could dry your hair extensions out and completely damage them.

Even thought I had a hair stylist bleach our Tressdazzle (medium brown hair extensions) shades and she liked the results. Sarah used 20 developer, wrapped the extensions with foil and waited for 30 mins.  You can see the result she achieved.before after bleaching hair extensions

I still don't recommend this to be done. And you will hear that hairstylist don't even want to do this method on hair extensions.

I was lucky to have April from Hair101April do a hair tutorial on showing how you can add few simple lowlights to a bleached blonde to match with your own hair better. 

You may wonder what are lowlights. Lowlight basically means adding darker streaks of color to your light hair.  Here is the post if you want to read more about  Lowlight vs. Highlights

I always do suggest you take the extensions to your hairstylist before doing coloring yourself. 

April is an experienced hair stylist and knows what she's doing, but if you do want to get an idea of how it's done you can watch the video that April from Hair101withApril created. She shows you how she added lowlights in her TressPhoria shade. 

I also have a video on how to grey ombre hair topper

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