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How to Make a hair topper look natural and less wiggy

How to Make a hair topper look natural and less wiggy

One of our biggest concerns that we have when wearing hair toppers is how to make it look natural and not detectable. 

So today I am going to share some of the top tips of how to make your hair topper look natural and less wiggy. 


1. Don’t be afraid to style your hair topper differently than it comes
I’ve recently shared on instagram how I styled my conceal top and how I install my concealtop in a way that you could never tell that I am wearing a hair topper on. 

    Let me show you how I do it and also I will create a video on how I styled this hair topper this way that way you can do it yourself as well. 

    2. Learn how to install the hair topper so it blends in with your hair

      Now, a lot of us thought that hair toppers need to be installed at least 1 inch away from your hairline. I was teaching this as well, and that is because the toppers that Tressmerize sold in the beginning were meant to be installed away from the hairline, but listening to your feedback and knowing that this is one of the things that you desire, I have worked on improving the toppers making them in a way that they can be installed all the way you to the hairline and not be detectable.

      3. Choose a low density hair topper
      I didn’t know how real a hair topper can get unless I tried the low density piece on. Our concealtop is perfect example of a low density hair topper because the part gives you an illusion of your real part. 

        4. Pluck the part area if you have a high density hair topper

          If you like to have a lot of hair but still want that realistic part then you can opt on plucking the hair on your hair topper to make it look more realistic, but be careful because over-plucking could leave your hair part looking unrealistic as well.

          5. Bleach the knots on your hair topper 

            The results are phenomenal. I have a video on how to bleach knots on your hair topper if you're interested on how to do it yourself.  

            6. Conceal the part 

            Use some concealer and dab it on the part area which is going to make your part look lighter and more natural. 


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