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Are you parting your hair the right way? How to part Human Hair Topper

Are you parting your hair the right way? How to part Human Hair Topper

In today's episode of TressTalk I show you How to part Human Hair Topper  and also, I show you how to find your face shape and how you should be parting your hair based on your face shape. 

Last week I shared my tips on how to seamlessly integrate a hair topper in your hair, you can check out that post here


I am sure you have heard of different face shapes. Such as Round, Oval, Square, Diamond, Heart, Oblong, but Do you know  what your face shape is? And do you know how to figure out your face shape?


Today I am going to show you how to figure out your face shape. .


The first thing you should do is pull your hair back, you can observe yourself in the mirror or take a picture of yourself and import it in a program where you can draw on it.

In my case I imported my photo in keynotes on mac but you can easily do this in documents or printing your photo and simply drawing on it.

how to figure out face shape

You will need to look at 3 areas of your face.

You’ll look :

#1 for the widest area on your face, then you will look for the

#2 Length of your  face and

#3 you will look at the shape of your jaw.

Now, that we know what we need to look for we are going to talk about

Your forehead and cheekbones are about the same width and the length of your face equal to the width of your face. Your jawline and chin are rounded with no sharp lines and angles.

Celebrities with round face shape:

emma stone round face
 Emma Stone
Source: Eonline

kirsten dunst round face

 Kirsten Dunst
Source: GirlsHairIdeas

So for you,  a deep side part will highlight your best side.If you are not sure which side is a better side then you can hold a piece of paper in front of half your face while looking in a mirror, then switch sides.  

how to part human hair topper

Which side do you prefer? There’s no right or wrong answer. For me I prefer my left side better because my eyebrow looks better on that side.  Part your hair on the side you think showcases your better side. 


Now that you have your hair parted you will focus on parting a hair topper that way too.

You are going to take your topper, and  spray it with water to make it wet,. The reason why the hair needs to be wet is because  it makes it for easier parting with a comb, if you try to do it on a dry hair, the hair will want to go back to its original position.
human hair topper

Once the topper is parted, I take a hair dryer and blow dry the hair. Then I will install the topper and dry some more making it work in my hair. If you have a topper on make sure that you’re gently and don’t tug and pull while styling your topper.

And this is how deep side parted topper can be installed for someone that has a round face shape and a deep side part.

human hair topper for thinning hair 


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