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How to Pigtail Braids Hair Tutorial

How to Pigtail Braids Hair Tutorial

Happy Sunday My Gorgeous Tressadonna’s

I usually love to do simple hairstyles on Sundays. Either a messy bun, ponytail, braid or in this case Pigtail braids. I know that this hairstyle will not be suitable for everyone, but I look at the age as a number and don’t let it define what I can and can’t wear or do with my hair. I hope you’re the same way too.

This is a very simple hairstyle and can be achieved with straight hair. Since I’d been doing hair tutorials every day, my hair is still curly and the great thing about the hair extensions is that they stay curly for quiet some time after you curl them so You don’t have to keep curling every time.

This hairstyle is super easy. I leave some hair in front to frame my face as usual and then separate the hair through the middle into two even sections.

Then take each section separate into three even sections and braid a three strand braid.

After you get done with your braids, pancake them by pulling out the sides to flatten them out a little. And that’s it, you’re done.

You can watch this easy pigtail hair tutorial below. 

Below you can see Hair Challenge Ideas for the month of January. Feel Free to join us.  Yesterday we did a tight curl hair tutorial and tomorrow I am going to show you how to get textured curls in your hair and we are going to top that with a cute beanie. 

Hair Challenge

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