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How to Prevent a Hair Topper from going Dry

How to Prevent a Hair Topper from going Dry

Today,  we’re going to talk about how to prevent your human hair topper from going dry.

As you may know our own hair gets dry and that is usually due to our scalp not providing enough oil to provide the moisture to our hair follicle. When this happens we can try eating foods that are rich in omega 3’s, and even take vitamins to help improve the health of our hair, but what do we do when something like this happens to our hair toppers. 

There are certain things that you can do to keep your hair topper in good shape. But you also have to understand that hair toppers do need to get replaced, I normally replace my hair toppers once a year, but I also have 3 hair toppers that I wear regularly and rotate between. 

Now, I know that you might not be able to get 3 toppers to rotate, so you might have to replace your hair topper within an 8-12 months mark.

When you wash your hair topper, and do all the things you can to add moisture to it and your topper is still not looking the way you would like then it’s the time to replace that hair topper. 

To keep your hair topper in good shape it’s important to use the products that are designed for adding moisture in the hair. 

For instance, I use this shampoo and conditioner from bumble and bumble that adds moisture to your hair topper because it is designed with some of the best oils that are great to condition the hair such as coconut oil, macadamia oil, grape-seed oil, and safflower oil. Now, if you don’t have this product on hand then you can take any of these oils mentioned and mix them with your sulfate free conditioner and apply to the wet hair. 

Leave this on your hair topper for at least 5 minutes, the longer the better. And then rinse your hair topper.

Now, in order for your hair topper to not look frizzy, you have to style it with heat products. I know heat products are usually discouraged from using on your hair to keep it healthy, but most straighteners and curling irons are made with technology where they infuse the negative ions into your hair, which in turn, adds moisture and increases shine to the hair. This is important.

Once you style your hair topper the way you want it you can go days wearing it this way without using any product in it. Which in return is going to make your hair topper last longer because you’re not going to need to wash it as often and you’re not going to be using the heat tools on it as often.

Also very important to use the heat protecting spray every time you use the heat tools on your hair topper, even if it’s for touch ups as well. 

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