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How to Integrate a hair topper in your hair?

How to Integrate a hair topper in your hair?

One of the most commonly asked questions that I get is Are you wearing it or How do you make it looks so natural in your hair. Today I thought to share with you my five tips that make your hair topper integration seamless. 

These tricks have  helped me confidently walk out of my house and not worry if anyone is going to think if I am wearing something on my head.  

In the previous episode of TressTalk I talked about Hair Toppers 101, I shared the answers to most frequent questions when it comes to Hair Toppers you can see that episode here. 

Now, let's talk about tips for hair topper integration.   If you follow these tips and if you work on learning how to wear the topper they will help tremendously in how you feel when wearing your hair topper.

Tip #1:
Color the roots

It is extremely important for your roots and hair toppers roots match 100%. This makes a whole difference in blending your topper perfectly and undetectably in your hair. 

Tip #2 :
Cut Bangs

If you are just starting out with wearing a hair topper and you’re not sure how to properly install it the best and easiest way to make it work is to cut bangs. You can cut blunt bangs, side bangs or even curtain bangs which I have been loving lately

Tip #3
Pull your hair back

If you are self conscious that the transition between your hair and where topper is installed is visible then take some of your hair and pull it over the hair topper. You can take few bobby pins and pin your hair or you can take some of the hair and tye a ponytail.

Tip #4
Use Concealer

If you want to show that part and you want to perfectly blend in with your part then you can use a little bit of a light concealer. And dab it on your part and hair toppers part that way the transitioning is going to look the same and it will be undetectable.
    hair topper for hair thinning
    Tip #5 :
    Magic Root Touch Up

    This is one of my fav methods lately because I feel it works better than the concealer. I spray my part with root gray toucher, i put the topper on and lightly spray that area too. This completely makes the topper blend in with my hair and I absolutely love it.

    hair toppers

    And these are some of the easy ways you can properly integrate the hair topper with your hair so it is undetectable. If you follow these tricks, I am sure that you’re going to love the results.

    Keep in mind that It takes practice to figure out how to get a hair topper to work in your hair. If you’re just starting out, and if you have thin hair you might think that it’s too bulky, or unnatural looking,  that's because if you don’t have much hair and now all of a sudden you have it, it can take some time getting use to that and soon it will become natural for you and you’re not going to be able to live without it. That’s how I feel about hair toppers.

    My hair has grown so much in the past few years. It is past my half back but I still love to wear my topper because it makes me feel more put together when I wear it.

    I hope that you have enjoyed this episode of TressTalk

    I'd love to hear your favorite ways you like to wear a hair topper? Leave me a comment below.  Want to know what's coming up in 2019, read this blog post. 


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