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How to Revive an Old Human Hair Topper

How to Revive an Old Human Hair Topper

Today I am going to show you a hair topper that is 2 years old and I had it stored in a plastic zip lock for about a year of not wearing it. This is the hair topper we’re going to work on and I am going to show you how to make it look fresh 


The things you have to take in consideration when you are washing your topper and keeping the overall your hair topper in shape are;

  1. Always comb your hair topper before washing. This will get rid of any knots that your hair topper might have. 
  2. Then what I do is either apply some castor oil, or heat up coconut oil and apply at the lower portion of your hair topper, focusing the most on ends. 
  3. Then we are going to wrap this hair into a clear plastic and let it sit for at least 10 minutes
  4. When it comes to using a shampoo and conditioner I always suggest you use sulfate free shampoos, and in this case, I would suggest a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, here I am using bumble and bumble products 
  5. We will wet the hair and apply the shampoo first
  6. Then we will apply conditioner and let it sit for about 3-5 minutes
  7. Rinse the product out of the hair 
  8. Then I would place the hair on the towel and gently dab it to get rid of the access water
  9. And you can add heat protecting spray and let the topper dry like this and the next day when it’s dry you can use the straightener or curling iron to style the hair
  10. Sometime I get emails from you saying that you don’t use heat tools on your topper and they look frizzy and the truth is this could be the reason why your hair topper ends up frizzy. 
  11. The straighteners and curling irons especially those made out of titanium plates use far-infrared technology to emit negative ions into your hair, which in turn, adds moisture and increases shine. 
  12. My bio hair gets really frizzy when I just wash it and let it dry. If I want my hair to look good, I must use heat tools on it, but I don’t use heat tools on it every day. I find when I wash my hair and style it the way I want it, I can go the whole week without needing to use the heat tools, and the same goes for the hair topper. 
  13. When I wash my hair topper and style it I can go for at least a couple of weeks without needing to wash it and using heat tools on it. 
  14. So now I am going to show you how I blow dry the hair topper and how I style it
  15. Once you are finished you want to check the ends to see how they are looking 
  16. If you find that they are still dry then you can take these type of scissors and do a lite dusting just to remove them 
  17. If you adhere to this method of washing and styling your hair topper,  I’m sure that you are going to love it and that your hair topper is going to look great every time 

Let me know if you have any tips on how you wash your hair toppers and that you love, leave us a comment below we all would like to learn new tips and tricks.


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