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How to Three Braided Bun Hair Tutorial

How to Three Braided Bun Hair Tutorial

Hey there

If you're new on the blog we are doing a super cool Hair Challenge this month where for each day we are creating an easy hairstyle by wearing Tressmerize Hair Extensions and Topper.

Yesterday I showed you how to curl you hair to get that beachy/ bed hair hairstyle. In this case we did call it Winter Waves since we are in winter months. 


Since I get a lot of questions on what shade I am wearing when I create these hair tutorials I like to link it directly to the product.  (color might vary)

In this case here I am wearing our older version of Tressmerize 16 inch hair extensions and 16" Hair Small Base Topper in our shade TressChic

However, we did switch all of our products to a larger base hair topper here is the blog post that shows you how to install the hair topper on top of your head.  and 18 Inch length hair extensions and 18" hair toppers because that's what you were asking for. 

This hairstyle is super easy to create. You can easily crate this simple braided bun updo for your next sophisticated event. 

All you have to do is divide your hair into three even sections braid a three strand braid out of each section. 

Pancake the braids a little bit, basically what pancake a braid means is you take each section and pull on it a little bit slowly to make a braid flatter and bigger looking. 

Then you'll take each braid rotate it into a circle and pin it next to each other making it a three braided bun. 

Tomorrow I will show you how to Create a Twisted High Ponytail but for now if you do want to learn visually how to create this simple and easy updo that is called a Three Braided Bun please watch the Hair Tutorial Video Below: 


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