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How to tone your hair at home

How to tone your hair at home

When you want the change, the first thing we tend to lean towards is doing our hair, which usually ends up in damage. Speaking from experience :( . 

Since we're all trapped inside our houses I've been seeing a lot of people wanting to cut their hair, color their hair and even shaving their head. 

I wanted to create this video to show you how easy you can change up your hair at home. This hair gloss is great for adding shine and getting rid of brassiness. 

This Kristin Ess Gloss doesn't damage your hair since it doesn't open the cuticle, but deposits the color on top making your hair healthier and shinier looking. It is a temporary color, no damage to your hair and it will wash out of your hair 3-4 weeks depending how often you wash your hair. The gloss comes in many shades including brunettes, reds and blondes. 

It's so easy to do in the shower. 

You have to wet your hair first, apply the gloss all over and wait for 20 minutes to wash it out. 

The results are great and I love doing this when I feel that my hair needs a little pick me up. 

kristin ess gloss

First application in December 2019

kirstin ess toner kirstin ess gloss at home

Second Use April 2020

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