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Low Density Vs. High Density Hair Toppers

Low Density Vs. High Density Hair Toppers

Today I wanted to talk about hair toppers density and explain and show you the difference between a high density and low density hair topper.

Now before we begin I want to point out that there’s no wrong or right way here. The hair topper and the density you choose is really going to be based on your personal preference.

Some of us might like to add a little bit of volume so that our hair looks natural on a daily basis and some of us like to have a red carpet va- voom volume on a daily basis as well.

The average healthy human head of hair is considered to be between 100-120% so if you want to choose a natural looking hair topper you would want to go with a hair topper that falls into that range.

Our concealtop is considered low density but in fact that is considered natural density peace and it looks very natural when you put in on your head, where Our DivineTop hair topper which is currently sold out and discontinued was considered a high density piece because it was 150% density.

When you look at these hair toppers side by side you can see how dense in the parting our DivineTop is compared to the concealtop. 

If you go with a hair topper that has a medium to high density let’s say 150% and up then you have to know that the part isn’t going to look as natural. 

Check out this blog post that talks about how to keep your hair topper look natural and less wiggy. 

Now, let me put on our low density hair topper which is a concealtop on to show you how it looks. And to compare it with a high density hair topper our DivineTop which is currently sold out.

As you can see side by side the concealtop adds you natural volume where DivineTop looks a lot more thicker all over. 

Even though you may think that the low density isn’t going to be enough to cover your hair loss or thinning you can go with a bigger base hair topper but choose a natural low density that is around 120% in order to get that natural look.

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