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Big Messy Bun in Short Hair

Big Messy Bun in Short Hair

We all have days when we are running late or just don’t feel like doing anything to our hair. Why not put your hair in a big messy bun. Super simple and easy to do. I show you how you can achieve this look with wearing only 2 clip in hair extensions pieces and a hair topper. 

In this video I have short hair and in order for me to have that big messy bun  that I want I need to wear hair extensions pieces. But you will see that my hair is that length where I can put it in a bun. 

For this hairstyle, you will need a 2 hair elastics to tie your hair 

Dry Shampoo

Finishing Spray 

Bobby pins

and if you have short hair you'll need hair extensions

The first thing I do is spray some dry shampoo on my hair to add a little bit more volume and texture. 

Then since I wear my hair parted in the middle and I wanted to hide that part, I take a teasing comb and teas the area on top to make it more voluminous

Then I section my hair right where ears are 

I take the small base topper (no longer available) all of our toppers are 5x6 monofilament base 18 length now. 

I flip the topper upside down and clip it on the bottom portion of my head
Then I section my hair right above ears and install those two 2 clip in pieces right on top of each other. 

After that is done take all of your hair and make a ponytail 

This may take some time if you have short hair because you have to ensure to grab all of the short pieces but also to make sure that your hair topper and extensions are laying flat

Once you have all your hair in you can tie a ponytail 

When that ponytail is done stretch it out and start gathering hair to create a bun 

Then take a second hair elastic and tie it around the ponytail 

Now keep pulling and stretching the ponytail until you feel you're satisfied the way it looks 

And bobby pin in place

You can also watch this Messy Bun Hair Tutorial


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