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How to Remove Static from Hair

How to Remove Static from Hair

What does come to mind when someone says winter? Static Hair!! That’s Right.
But, don’t worry today I will show you how to get remove static from your hair this winter. 

1. Use Dryer Sheet
Place your dryer sheet over your brush and brush your hair.

2. Lotion
If you’re out and about and you got nothing but lotion in your purse. add some on your palm and rub your fingers though your hair. A little bit of lotion is all you need.

3. Hairspray
After styling your hair, spray some hair spray on your hands and rub them through our hair. You can also do this with comb or brush and comb through your hair, this will help prevent hair from becoming static

4. Us a metal comb or a Hanger.
If you don’t have a metal comb, you can use a metal part on your hanger. The metal helps absorb the static out of your hair.

5. Use Natural Bristle Brush
These brushes are great with distributing your natural oils through out your hair and getting rid of static.

And that concludes how to remove static from hair. Hope you enjoyed them. Do you have any tips on keeping your hair static free. If so leave us a comment down below, would love to hear them from you.

If you are looking more more ideas on how to keep your hair healthy in winter check out Winter Hair Care


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