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Summer Hairstyles Ideas

I know summer is almost over but we do get so many hot and humid days at the end of August. So before the cold weather comes and we all stay bundled in inside I wanted to show you these easy to do hairstyles that are best when it's hot outside. If you like these and want more hairstyle ideas you can check out this post on Low Ponytails

Super easy and simple hairstyle that will keep your hair away from your face and neck on that hot humid day. I am wearing just a hair topper in shade TressEntice.
top knot easy to do hairstyle
Step 1
The first thing I did I sprayed the hair topper with water to comb the hair going towards the back and to get rid of the part in the middle. 

Step 2
Then I installed the topper 1 inch away from the hairline 

Step 3
Comb all of the hair gently towards the back and tie a ponytail

Step 4
Twist that ponytail around creating a bun 

Step 5 
Take few bobby pins and pin that bun in place 
For this hairstyle I am wearing both the clip in hair extensions and hair topper in shade TressEntice. 
crown braid
Step 1 
Divide your hair on the back through the middle 
Step 2 
Cross over the sections 

Step 3
Braid three strand braid on each side

Step 4
Pull on each end of three strand braid to make the braids fuller and flatter 

Step 5
Pin the braid around and top 

For this hairstyle again I wore all of the pieces from ombre blonde hair extensions and hair topper [TressEntice], but you can do this hairstyle with wearing just a hair topper. I felt after I was done that the bun was too bulky and hard to pin it to stay in place. 
side bun easy hairstyle
Step 1
Gather all of your hair to one side whichever one you prefer better and tie a ponytail 

Step 2
Take a small section from that ponytail and braid a three strand braid
Step 3 
Take the rest of the hair twist to form a bun, leaving the braid out

Step 4
Pin the bun in place

Step 5 
Take the braid and pin it around the bun 

You can watch all three hair tutorials here: 
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hot summer day hairstyles

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