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Everything You Need to Know
About Hair Extensions

 Are you ready to try hair extensions but not sure what to buy? Finding the best hair extension type can seem overwhelming since there are so many different options out there. Don’t worry, you are not alone, I was in your situation five years ago before deciding to create my own hair extensions brand. In this guide I have laid out everything you need to know in order to make the right decision! Just read the guide below and soon you will have an idea in what direction you need to go in order to have the hair of your dreams! 

There are so many of us, indeed, that want to give a boost to our bio hair. Maybe you have long hair but it's flat, maybe you are looking for hair extensions for short hair because your hair grows so slow and you fear you will have to wait forever to have a hair you always dreamed about. I was in this same situation five years ago and can you believe how desperate I was that I even fell for supplement and shampoo methods that promise hair growth but the truth is none of that works. 

If you are like me and have fine hair there is no doubt that the new hair extensions you choose will give you the hair you always dreamed about. 

But before you buy anything, take the time to find out what would be the best option for you, as you may know that there are many hair extensions out there to choose from:

  • Hair extensions such as 100% Remy Hair,
  • Synthetic hair extension,
  • Or even plain human hair extensions, there are multiple families of hair extensions, and all are clearly not equal


What are hair extensions?

As their name suggests, they are hair strands that we add to our own hair to bring the length and / or volume. There are several types of hair extensions: from synthetic hair, inexpensive but with an unnatural result, to fully natural remy hair extensions that allow to obtain perfect results and without the risk of damaging your hair.


Who is wearing hair extensions?

Back in a day hair extensions were only worn by celebrities, just to name few Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, or Jessica Alba, all have in common to wear or have worn hair extensions. But hair extensions have come a long way and the good thing is they are not only for celebrities anymore. Often hair extensions are used by women like you who want to gain length or have a luxurious hair. And here at Tressmerize we are happy to offer 100% Remy Human hair extensions and toppers that will boost your confidence in matter of minutes.


Hair extensions for thin hair?

Since I started Tressmerize, it has become a go to resources for women with fine and sparse hair and sometimes a life saving treatment for women suffering from hair loss. (Why Tressmerize


Before and after: hair extensions with thin hair

Below you will see all the hair transformation I have experienced since launching Tressmerize. One thing you might notice is that I love to change my hair color. I think the easiest way to feel refreshed or different is by changing your hair color.

December 2012

I had to shave my hair due to the bleaching damage. One of the most devastating experience I had to go through. This is one of the couple of photos I have with this hair because after this I ordered a wig and wouldn’t leave the house without it. At this time, I had no idea that I am going to go on a journey to helping women transform their hair too.


December 2013


 My hair is about 3 inches long and I had my first Tressmerize Prototype, that I have been wearing for a couple of months and trying to get a feel of it. At this time I was also testing the product on other women that had short hair and making improvements based on their feedback. This hair here is 16-inch hair extensions clip in and a 16” small hair topper for thinning hair with base 3x3. The weight was 120 grams total.  Tressmerize has come a long way since then, and now comes in 18 inch length with a larger base (5x6) hair topper and total of 240 grams of hair


January 2014 before Tressmerize Launch

Here I curled the hair for more volume. As you can see when looking from the back you could never tell that I had very short hair.


February 2014 just before Tressmerize Launch

I decided to cut the bangs in the hair topper making it even more natural looking.


April 2014

My hair is getting longer and I changed the hair color again


June 2014

I am starting to try different hairstyles with hair extensions and topper in my hair


November 2014

My hair is a lot longer, I changed my hair color again, but also my hair is looking thicker.


February 2015

I can finally tie a high ponytail but it’s looking pathetic, so I added Tressmerize hair extensions to create a voluminous ponytail like you see on celebrities.


July 2015

I changed my hair color again and went with lighter smudged version roots.


June 2016

My hair has grown a lot and in December of 2015 I decided to go darker and stop bleaching my hair.


July 2017

My hair currently when wearing full Tressmerize kit including 18” hair extensions and hair topper.


November 2017

Here I am wearing just Tressmerize 18” hair topper, my hair is the same length as the topper.


Here are few hair transformations from real women that use Tressmerize.


How to get the right color match?

 We try to showcase a number of different pictures on the website to help you choose the best shade. We also know that different monitors can vary dramatically between how it shows you the color so it can be harder to choose the right shade. I always say go with the closest shade that you think it would match your hair, or if we don’t have the exact match go with a lighter shade. You can even purchase a blonde hair and color it to match your own. I always color blonde hair to match my own. That is the easiest way to get the desired shade you want. Also, you can always email me at your photo taken in a natural light and I can help you choose the closest shade that matches your hair.


Hair extension methods

You pretty much have two options. You can choose to either have a specialized hair stylist install hair extension for you or you can do it yourself. It all depends on what type of person you are.

If you want to work with a hairstylist, the first step is to find a certified hair extensions stylist, not all hair stylist do hair extensions. This hairstylist will make an accurate diagnosis of your hair: thickness and quality of your hair, volume, color, the condition which will allow her to determine which type of hair extensions you need and how many grams to give you that natural look.  Then depending on the extensions, you have chosen, it can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 5 hours for full head installation.

Visiting a hair stylist is a good solution, but it is also very expensive. And you need to make sure that this hairstylist is an experienced hair extensions expert. Some of them will claim that they are and they can completely ruin your hair. I have friends and also many customers that have emailed me telling me that they had their hair damaged by the hair stylist that claimed to be an expert in hair extensions. 

Then you have a second option and that is to do yourself. I am for example this type of person. I like to learn new things and I like to do things on my own. Not that it is always a good idea because 5 years ago choosing to bleach my own hair has resulted in complete hair damage that ended in a shaved head, so I will always tell you that if you want to bleach your own hair go to the expert for that. Please don’t do it yourself. 

If you do want to try the second option then your best choice is to go with a clip in hair extensions. It’s hard to believe these days who to trust and what to believe because there are so many claims on the websites that say clip in hair extensions damage hair. And clip in hair extensions can cause even more hair loss.  You have to understand those are all marketing tactics to make you think that their product is the best. 

Hair extensions have been around since 1950’s and they are used by many celebrities, hair stylists and even women like you and me that were not given the hair we would like to have. I can honestly speak about this and say that clip in hair extensions absolutely do no damage to your hair. 

I use clip in hair extensions and hair topper every single day. I do many different hairstyles braids, ponytails, updos, half up dos, I pull on them and I am not that gentle as I should be, and I can tell you that my hair has never looked better. 

I could never grow my hair past my shoulder before and now I can say that my hair is about 17” long and comes to the middle of my back, to me these are little miracles and that is all thanks to Tressmerize. I don’t go to the hairstylist as often as I should and that it is because I have Tressmerize hair extensions and hair topper that make my hair look good every day even when I have gray roots.


Installing hair extensions

 There are four different techniques to choose from when it comes to hair extensions installation:

Cold Fusion Hair Extensions are also called micro link or micro loop hair extensions. This type of hair extensions method that bonds your hair via an ultrasound applicator. You do have to go to a professional who knows how to install these hair extensions properly. If installed close to a scalp it can be really painful. One of our customers had this issue and her husband had to take them all out of her hair with pliers which also damaged her own hair. These hair extensions need visits to a salon every 1-2 months as your hair grows the rings move down too and need to be repositioned. The installation takes about 3 hours. The cost depending on the area and level of experience it can be anywhere from $800-$1000.

Hot Fusion Hair Extensions are also called keratin or tip hair extensions. This consists in applying keratin and hardening it with heating tongs. These hair extensions need re-positioning done by your hair stylist every 2-3 months and take about 5 hours to install. Due to chemicals in the glue used to attach the hair extensions to your hair, it can cause scalp irritation, it may cause hair loss and it can be damaging to your own hair.  The cost depending on the area and level of experience it can be anywhere from $1200-$1500.
Tape In Extensions. Tape in hair extensions are applied with a sandwich type of technique. A hairstylist takes a thin strand of your hair and tapes the hair extension over it, then it takes another extension and tapes it under your hair sandwiching your hair between the two. Which is good if you have short hair and don’t want your short hair to show through. Keep in mind that if you have thin hair, these extensions can be visible through the hair. They require salon maintenance every 8-10 weeks. the installation takes anywhere from 40 mins to an hr. The cost is $300-$500.

Halo Hair Extensions also can be called instant flip in hair extensions which is a one piece hair extensions that come with a silicone wire looped around it. You install this wire on top of the head and then pull the top portion of your hair over the one piece of hair extensions.  This option is great if you have long thin hair and want to add some more volume and length.  With this piece, you are limited to creating different hairstyles since the hair extension needs to lay flat against your hair. It can also feel balky in the back of the head. The cost depends on hair quality and quantity between $40-$320.

Finally, clip in hair extensions are the easiest to install and remove by you at the comfort of your own home. The good quality extensions can last you anywhere from 6 months to 1 year.  And the cost for Remy Hair Extensions is anywhere from $150 - $400. 

    Remember that all extensions that have that permanent feel can damage your hair a little since you lose the connection with your own hair. You have all this artificial hair in your own bio hair and you can’t be really in tune with your hair and know how it is really doing until you take these hair extensions out of your hair.  A lot of times people that decide to take out these type of hair extensions say that their hair feels a lot thinner than it was before, that they have breakage right at the roots of their hair,  but even if that isn’t the case you lose the touch of how your bio hair really is. With clip in hair extensions, however,  you are never in that situation since you take them out every day, so you know exactly how your bio hair is doing and if you do find any issues or problems you can take care of it right away.


    How to care for hair extensions

    Many say use your everyday shampoo and conditioner to care for your hair extensions. But you have to know that most of the shampoo’s, conditioners have sulfates, Parabens, and chemicals that are as a matter of fact damaging and drying to your own hair. So, you always want to choose sulfate free products first for your own hair, and also use these type of products on your hair extensions to prolong their life.

    To make your hair extensions last as long as possible, brush the extensions before putting them in and after taking them out of your hair; this will prevent the formation of knots around the fixing points.

    You can also use heat protecting sprays, argan oil, coconut oil at the ends to optimize the shine of the hair.

    The sulfate free product that I love to use if Bumble and Bumble or if you're looking for an affordable version that can be found at the drugstores is  SheaMoisture. 

    Where does the hair used for the extensions come from?

    Synthetic hair extensions - This type of hair is produced in the factory, mainly from plastic and petroleum. The hair is very rough, it can be overly shiny, plastic looking and it tangles a lot. You can’t color this type of hair or use heat tools on it. Synthetic hair can last you about 4-6 months.  

    Kanekalon, Toyokalon, and Minofiber synthetic hair - this type of synthetic hair is made out of fiber that closely resembles the human hair. It is softer than the basic synthetic hair and this type of fiber can withhold heat at low settings. So you could curl or straighten in for a different look. The downside of this fiber is that it tangles and mats,  and surprisingly it only lasts about 2-3 months. This type of hair would be a great choice for a beginner because it’s more affordable than the human hair and it will allow you to get a feel for helper hair. Toyokalon is a softer synthetic hair fiber that tangles less but lacks the natural look and color of Kanekalon fiber. Monofiber is the highest quality synthetic hair, with a realistic look and feel. Monofiber hair behaves more like natural hair than the other synthetic hair fibers. I tried hair toppers made out of these fibers and they looked fake and I couldn't change the part or make it natural looking.

    Human Hair Extensions - You have many different types of human hair extensions as well. If you see human hair extensions that are sold at low price chances are they are human hair but they’re not Remy Hair. Which means these type of hair extensions don’t have all the cuticles running in the same direction and these type of hair extensions will also get tangled easily. These hair extensions are often made from clippings that are left behind after the hair is cut and the hair isn’t paid as much attention and care for.

    Human Remy Hair Extensions - These type of hair extensions are the highest quality hair extensions on the market. They have all the cuticles running in the same directions like your own hair. They shouldn’t shed or tangle. And these hair extensions should last you from 6-12 months. The Remy Hair extensions is usually collected from one donor into a bundle ensuring that the hair cuticles stay in the same direction.