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Hair Extensions Prices
How Much Does it Really Cost?

Cost of hair extensions: quick overview

When we look at the hair extension market, especially the prices and rates offered, we realize that prices vary greatly depending on the salon and the vendors that sell hair extensions.

If you wonder how long do hair extensions last for, I’ve included some estimates in the chart below.

Hair Extensions Prices


How much do hair extensions cost in a salon

Hair extension rates can range from $130 to $2500! The cost of the application sometimes represents more than 2/3 of the final total price. If you decide to go through a hair salon you’d have to order the hair extensions from a seller that the hair stylist is associated with. You often have to wait around 2 weeks for the hair extensions to get in before you can have the hair stylist install them in your hair. You can check our post that explains the time it takes for the different hair installation methods. You pay for the hair extensions and for the time that it takes the hair stylist to put them in your hair. On top of that, you have to pay for each maintenance visit too.


how much do clip in hair extensions cost

Clip in Hair Extensions come in different sizes, with different pricing, but because Remy Hair is the best hair on the market we will talk specifically about “Remy Hair Extensions”

Most hair extensions that are sold by vendors come in 7 or 10 wefts. A weft is a piece that the hair is sawn on to and where the clips are attached. These wefts come in 9” widths, 6” widths, 4” widths and 2” widths. The price of the hair extensions can depend on the length, the grams of hair it contains, and whether the hair extensions are single drawn or double drawn.

Let’s break it down to what exactly comes in 7-weft hair extensions. 

You can have Remy hair that is double drawn, 120 grams,18 inches long. This could cost you anywhere from $130-$160.

You can also have Human Hair that is single drawn, 120 grams ,18 inches long. This could cost you $50-$100.


What is the difference?

1. single drawn vs. double drawn.

Single drawn hair can be thick on top where you really don’t need as much thickness and very thin and wispy on the bottom. Most hair that you can find on Amazon, eBay or other cheap websites is this type of hair. It looks very unnatural when installed in your hair.

Double drawn hair is thick from top to bottom since the process to create a weft uses two wefts of hair sewn together so you get twice as much hair.



2. Remy Human Hair Vs. Human Hair

Remy human hair, as I said before, is the highest quality hair on the market and it’s the only hair that acts as our own hair since it’s got all the cuticles going in the same direction. You can get cheap human hair, but this hair tangles and mats similarly to synthetic hair.  This happens because the cuticles are running in the same direction.

Now let me just quickly touch on what exactly you get with Tressmerize hair extensions and hair toppers

In the hair extensions set you get 5 pieces. You might think how come I get only 5 pieces and/or is this going to be enough hair?  Tressmerize hair extensions set comes at 18” length with 120 grams of hair. And if you get a hair topper that is 16 inches in length and 75 grams of hair. The total amount of hair in grams is 195 grams at an unbeatable price of $469.  That is all the hair you need to achieve the coverage you desire in any type of hair.  

A word of advice

If you want to pay the right price for your hair extensions, and you decided to go with a salon, you need to ask for contact information of the previous customers your hair stylist worked on so that you can ask for a reference. Especially if you are investing that much money you want to make sure that you are choosing someone that knows their craft. 


If you decide you want to do it yourself, then you can visit the different websites that sell hair extensions. You can check what exactly do you get, how long the hair is, how much hair in grams and of course what the price is. You can see one website that sells 160 grams 20 inch hair extensions for $170 and the other website that sells 160 grams hair extensions at 18 inch length for $170. You might think that you are getting more hair at 20 inches but in fact you’re getting a thicker bundle of hair at the website that sells 18” length at $170.

the end, you have to know what you are trying to achieve with hair extensions: do you want volume, do you want length, or both? You have to know how big your budget is of course. You don’t want to go with the cheapest option either because in the end you will be disappointed and  will end up spending more money. Trust me, I speak from experience.  Now that you have all these tips in your back pocket I hope it will be easier for you to make a decision on what type of hair extensions to go with.