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Hair extension techniques
Find the best method for your hair

There are different types of hair extensions. Among all the different types of hair extensions, some could cause problems and could even damage your hair if not done by a professional. Others are harmless and easy to install and remove (no glue, synthetic keratin, or other "junk" and especially no heat or solvents).

Let's talk about these different Hair Extensions methods :


1. Halo or flip in extensions
The halo hair extensions can be an ideal solution for a special event. They take only a few minutes to install. They really are a great solution if you wear your hair down all the time, since with these types of hair extensions you can’t do many different hairstyles, such as updo’s or ponytails. Also, since these are one-piece hair extensions with a looped wire around your head, it can feel uncomfortable and bulky in the back of your head.  If you want a quick fix that is not permanent, the halo hair extensions can be a good option, and they don’t damage your own hair.


2. Clip-in extensions
Clip-in hair extensions provide a wide selection of hair styles and colors, and can be easily installed and removed. They are therefore not permanent extensions. They can be straight, wavy or curly. One disadvantage of the clip-in hair extensions is that you need to take them out at the end of the day. If you have very thin hair, installing clip-in hair extensions could feel heavy in your hair at first, since it takes time to get used to all the new hair you now have on your head. Most importantly, with clip-in hair extensions there is no damage to your own hair. 


If you want hair extensions that are versatile and that allow you to do any type of hairstyle you want, opt for clip-in extensions.

Clip-in hair extensions are the only extensions in our shop and with a good reason. I think they are the best type of hair extensions. These extensions are super easy to install and remove without damaging your hair. The favorite choice for women who like to "Do it Yourself" and save money by not having to visit a hairdresser for installation.

You don’t have to be a hair extension pro to achieve that perfect look. Our extensions are so simple and easy to install that you can enhance your hairstyle in less than 5 minutes, adding volume and length with these natural human hair clip-in extensions.


3. Tape-in extensions

Tape-in extensions are easy-to-apply, like clip-in), but attached with tape, which provides for longer-term results. These are permanent type of hair extensions that stay in your hair for about 6-8 weeks before you have to go back to the salon to get them removed or repositioned.


4. Cold Fusion Extensions (micro-rings)

The cold fusion extensions are made for long-term results. Your hair is inserted in a small ring and fixed with an ultrasonic tool.

The extension of micro-ring hair (also called micro-fixation, ring, loop or rings) is the preferred method of high-end salons and celebrities who want permanent hair extensions but do not want to damage their own hair after the hair extensions are removed.

This technique, which is relatively rare because it is more technical (i.e., requires longer training) attaches strand by strand, using micro-rings in the form of tiny tubes that are the same color as your roots. This method is suitable for all types of hair, particularly fine hair because it doesn’t require heat for the installation or use of solvents for the removal.

If you decide to go with the cold fusion hair extensions, you need to do a thorough research of the stylists that will apply this type of hair extensions in your hair. If the micro rings are attached too close to the scalp it can be very painful. One of our customers had to have her husband use home pliers to remove these hair extensions because she was in so much pain and couldn’t stand the headache. Ultimately, this experience resulted in a damage to her own hair. 

The advantage of these hair extensions (if done correctly) is that they can be reused for a second time or be raised and repositioned. They can last about 6 months. The heat fusion hair extensions (discussed below) on the other hand can’t be reused because their attachment point keratin (that has been previously glued on) is no longer reusable after a deposit.

There are several types of micro-ring hair extensions. The most sophisticated ones have a silicone tip for maximum adhesion and optimal protection for the hair. The finish should be flat, and the process of installation should not require the use of hot-tongs or ultrasound forceps.  Again, I advise you to choose a real specialist with experience because the mastery of this technique requires intensive training and certification.


5. Hot Fusion Extensions (Keratin)

Hot fusion extensions can provide a
natural way to give your hair volume. These extensions are applied with warm keratin (a natural protein) and fused with your own hair. These hair extensions can be most damaging to your hair because of the chemicals that are used to seal the hair extensions with your hair.  Also, because they are very close to the scalp you could experience breakage right at the roots.