We strongly believe that our product is amazing and that it will totally boost your confidence the minute you put it on, but we love to hear your feedback, so that we can continue to work on improvements. Scroll down to listen and read what our real customers have to say about Tressmerize:

"Love the new topper design even better then the last design. Color is perfect hair quality is perfect. Very happy with my perfect hair. Helps me look my best."


Amazing Hair!

"The best short hair extensions around. They're comfortable. They stayed in all day even through my photoshoot. I am giving a 5 STAR Rating."

April, Hair101WithApril

It took 10 years off my looks

"The color is a vibrant medium brown. My hair is a lot duller but it makes for a nice highlighted/blended look. I look so different with the hair extensions in. I think it took 10 years off my looks. The topper is the key piece that really pulls it together. Without it, my hair would not blend well with the extensions. I look forward to learning how to do more looks and styles. Thank you Tressmerize!"

Jennifer R.

I love love these extensions

" I have lived in extensions and wigs for years, these are my favorite. I am a hairdresser and don't seem to find the time to do my own hair these keep me looking fresh. I have bought three sets and can not wait to try the new medium brown with blonde in the fall. I also really like the new topper it's made even better then the old one. Great job can't wait to see what else you come up with."

Tami L.

"I  was initially going to purchase only a hair topper for my thinning hair (the same brand alluded to in one of the Tressmerize videos). Then I kept researching and seeing extension videos and longing for long hair. Eventually, I came across a youtube video review of these extensions then saw another review from a cosmetologist (as a cosmetologist myself that was a big selling point) and became very intrigued. My main concern was my thinning hair in front. I emailed the contact us link and got an email directly from Emina the creator. She advised me they would be creating a new topper shortly that could be worn closer to the front. I had wanted to purchase the kit for my birthday and it was getting closer to that time, so I emailed again to see if the new topper was ready. It was about a week or two away, and Emina advised me to place my order and gave me a much appreciated heads up for a discount code. I did have to wait a while, but it was worth the wait. The extensions have held up after being dyed (red violet since the options were limited to blonde brunette and high lighted), shampooed, conditioned, styled, waved, blow dried, and flat ironed. I have been using them sparingly for a little over two months, mostly because I live in the desert and it is just too hot. They will be needing a trim after all they have been through. My only issues are: my own hair color has faded faster than the extensions from the sun, I do have to be careful in placing them due to my own thinning hair (no high ponytail option for me :( .) I can't wait to buy another set for my winter look and I may also be a very nice sister and buy my sister who also has thinning hair a set too since she is super jealous. I plan to make my own youtube review soon when I have more time. I was not at all paid or compensated for my review."

Amanda R.

"Unlike my Glamtime extensions, which became somewhat dry and brittle after coloring and setting, these maintained their silky texture even after the process, which was another huge relief. I honestly couldn't have been more impressed with the actual product and was anxious to get started styling them. 

Ashley, LisaFreemontStreet.com

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"I have always worn extensions to give my hair volume, but nothing was able to help with the top of my hair. That is, until I found Tressmerize. I was not sure if I was ready to go the topper route, but once I received my Tressmerize Kit,  I had made up my mind. I decided to give up on my bio hair. No more thin wisps! No more stressing over my seven silky strands. No more hair studies. It was time to give it all up. I had a son now and a family to take care of - there is no room in my life to worry about hair."


hair topper for hair thinning

"They are even better than i pictured very secure clips they wont budge even without teasing or hairspray my long hair is back finally!"   

Heather R.

"So I have been slowly going lighter so I can wear my fabulous Tressmerize extensions. Well I put them in the other day and I absolutely could not believe how comfortable they are! I was hooked. Even though my hair doesn't match perfect I decided to keep them in to go to work. People were absolutely stunned when I told them I had extensions in. They truly are amazing. I definitely gained my confidence back while I was wearing them. Like I said before I have tried other brands of extensions before and none of them were as comfortable as Tressmerize. I don't know what you did but it was a fantastic idea. I love them! I'm hoping within the next 2 weeks to be light enough to wear my extensions all the time. I definitely want to send you pictures. The transformation is amazing. I didn't look like I had a mullet or mushroom hair. ;)"


"I love my hair extensions! I have had people comment how beautiful my hair and hair color is, and they have no idea it is extensions! I can take them in and out as I please! I am going to get another set for the summer, in blonde :) thanks for a great product, and a simple system that works.. It takes me 5 minutes to clip these in during the morning! LOVE!!!"


"I am very happy with this hair system! I have been wearing all different types of extensions or many years but this system definitely is the best I have had so far. The hair is a great quality. It blends together beautifully and is soft and realistic. After wetting it and scrunching it dries wavy like my own hair which is a huge bonus as well. I have already dyed it as I have a reddish blonde color that I want to keep to my own hair. Love the clips too, they look like ordinary clips but somehow they stay n place and they don't pull my thin, real hair at all. I feel pretty in my new hair, thank you!"

Diane W.

"I have been wearing the hair for about 2 weeks and OH MY GOODNESS!! i love it so much!! it is seriously so incredible and the best hair i have ever tried! I am going to film the review this weekend and post it this weekend as well!"


"Beautiful silky texture, clips are light and stay securely in place. I had tried many brands before this set and find this to be superior. The TOPPER follows the natural part on my scalp flawlessly and gives the appearance of full length natural hair, covering wefts underneath, that standard hair extensions ,without a topper, can't do on shorter hair . I ordered the highlighted chestnut and died it a vibrant brown red color and the highlighted areas came out so beautiful - looks like I went to a salon. Color took on 1st attempt using a 10 developer , they maintained their silky texture. Additionally , they hold a curl very well. I curled and they maintained a wavy curl all day . Outstanding customer service and super fast shipping !!!"

Diane K.

"I can't tell you how happy I am with my topper. I colored the hair to match my auburn brown color, and it took beautifully. The hair is soft and styles really well.  I have been struggling with hair loss for years  and have tried toppers from other companies. I always felt they looked a bit bulky and wiggy". With your topper, I did an overnight pin curl  set last night, brushed  it out this morning and viola, its perfect and very natural looking. Thank you so much for offering this product. I will definitely be a return customer."

Jennifer H.

"I had the worst battle with alopecia 2 years ago.  Working with the public, I couldn't just let my bald  patches shine. I wore wigs for about a year, but synthetic 
wasn't my friend and Human hair wigs were too expensive 
to keep buying for daily use (not to mention how uncomfortable they are). I finally got it under control, but had a horrible accident in March 2017 which caused me to lose almost all used of my right hand. With that being said, it was near impossible to deal with wigs any longer. Thank you for being such a creative genius!!! Even with one hand, I can still snap the topper and extensions in without worrying about them shifting, sliding, coming out or showing. Thank you for knowing the struggle and creating something that works

Julie C.

"I have experienced moderate hair loss on my crown area due to scaring alopecia. I just wanted you to know how glad I was when I saw that you could just order the hair topper by itself. I ordered one right away. The shipping was so fast!! After a cut and color, it is perfect!! No one that I told could believe I had it in. Anyway from someone who has spent a lot of time stressing about hair loss and stressing about wearing a topper I just wanted to thank you so much for creating such an amazing hair piece!"


PERFECT date-night hair

"I am loving my new look and am thinking this is PERFECT date-night hair. In fact, it was —I wore this system out for Valentine's Day dinner."
Lauren, Corner Of Hope and Mane

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"My favorite hair extensions. Will defs be buying another set :D. "

Lacie T.

"The kit is awesome! It hid my short hair so well that close friends couldn't tell, 'how I did it.' There was a bit of a learning curve for me as to how to install it. Even when it wasn't quite right, it still looked amazing. I love the feel of the hair, it is silky smooth. TressDazzle is very pretty and the box it comes in is excellent for storing the extensions. I highly recommend this product."


"I have severe hair loss, at the first time while I tried Tressmerize kit, I have a difficult time to adjust the topper with my hair because my hair line and my fine hair, then Emina suggest me to bring the topper to my hairstylist and style it and cut it. I have it with bangs now and I really love my new hair now. Eventhough hair topper is a little bit lighter than my natural hair color (really black), I got natural black shades as Emina's suggestion but still look brownish color compare to my real hair, but I still look natural. I'm gonna use it for my engagement photoshoot next month. I love it. Thank you"

Maureen L.

"These are the best extensions that I have worn! Everything about these extensions are wonderful. The fullness , softens , quality and durability. They blend perfectly with my hair! I get so many compliments on my hair and no one know they are extensions! I love them so much that I ordered 3 sets I have had these extensions for months and they never shed and are still silky and beautiful after being washed. I use ceramic heat tools with heat protective spray and they stay curled for days. I absolutely love them and recommend buying a set!"

Amra D.

"I can't express how perfect these extensions are. The color is fantastic and the way the blend in... So natural and gorgeous. Thank you for making such a wonderful and much needed product!!"

Kara S.

"I just wanted to say that before Tressmerize, I was always wearing baseball hats and afraid to go out in the sun because people will notice my major hair loss. After seeing the review on Corner of Hope and Mane, I gave it a try. Omg, Tressmerize has changed my life! I no longer hide in the shadows in fear of my scalp. I no longer have to deal with low self esteem. Thank you so much for this product. This is by far the best topper/extensions out there. Thank you for changing my life. I wish I could hug you."


I Am SO impressed with Tressmerize!

" First of all, the shipping is fast! The packaging is Beautiful! And the hair is so Silky and lovely! I just adore the company, the style and the hair is by far the best hair quality I have ever tried! And the hair system is Genius for women with short hair or even thinning hair! Ladies, this is by far the greatest investment and is worth every penny! Tressmerize will have you Mesmerized!"

Aaliyah B.