Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Get In Touch If I Have A Question?

We answer emails 7 days a week. Email us with any question you may have at info@tressmerize and we will get back to you as soon as we can with an answer.

How Is Tressmerize Different From Other Hair Extensions?

Tressmerize was designed out of frustration of not being able to find a product for short and thin hair. It is a custom designed product that doesn't exist anywhere else on the market. Most extensions companies order already pre-made extensions that come in 7 or 10 pieces in a set, but Tressmerize is a custom designed as a 6 piece hair system. First and the only clip-in hair extensions system that comes with hair extensions and hand-made hair topper.  Tressmerize is extremely comfortable and you will barely feel that they’re in.  You can watch our reviews from real people to see what they have to say about Tressmerize.

What Is Remy Virgin Hair?

Virgin hair means that the hair was never processed, dyed or chemically altered and Remy means that hair still has cuticles attached and it’s going in the same direction, just like normal healthy hair. The cuticles is the outer protective layer to your tresses. Without these cuticles, hair will look dry and it damages easily, breaks and sheds excessively.

How Long Is Tressmerize Hair?

Currently Tressmerize comes in 18″ length. Having extensions at 18″ length and adding a hair topper that is 18″ in length provides you with an instant hair transformation, that has a layered look to it, just like your own hair.

Will Tressmerize Slip Out Of My Thin Hair?

Our clips are lined with silicon that prevent slipping or sliding of hair extensions. You can apply your hair extensions without teasing your own hair at all and the clips will still stick and stay in your hair.

Can I Color The Tressmerize Hair System?

Yes, you can color the hair, but we do advise to see your hair specialist when you do. 
We also recommend to get a lighter shade if you need to color it darker. 

Can I Sleep with Tressmerize Hair System?

We wouldn't recommend sleeping with the Tressmerize in your hair because the clips could pull on your hair and that could be damaging. If you really need to for some reason then we suggest putting you hair in a ponytail or braiding the hair.

What’s Included In The Tressmerize Kit? 

Tressmerize kit includes:
1 piece 8″ weft with 3 clips. This allows you to achieve the thickness of the back of your head since, there is where you’re missing a lot of hair when your hair is short.
2- 6″ wefts with 3 clips that are positioned on the sides of the head above the ears and when installed properly they meet in the middle, acting as one large weft that wraps around your head
2-4″ wefts are installed on the side of each temple
1- handmade hair topper that is made on 5"x 5.5" base lace and has a part through the middle. You can part this topper however you want and this is an essential piece if you have short hair or thinning hair to help you seamlessly blend with your hair extensions. The weight is 80 grams and it can be worn on it's own without the hair extensions. 

How Do I Put In My Tressmerize Kit?

Tools you’ll need for the installation are:

  1. wide tooth comb,
  2. teasing comb,
  3. a clip,
  4. hairspray
  5. bobby pins (optional).

After you have examined the color and you feel it’s the best match for you, take your system out of the package.

  1. Take your wide tooth comb and comb through your hair extensions system. With a teasing comb part your hair at the nape and clip-in the rest of your hair with a hair clip.
  2. With a teasing comb tease your hair and apply a little bit of hairspray.
  3. Take 1st, 3 clip weft and clip-it into your hair.
  4. Take the next section 1 inch above the previous section.
  5. Take 2nd, 3 clip weft and clip-it into your hair.
  6. Part the area just above your ears.
  7. Take the 3 clip quad weft and clip it into your hair.
  8. Part the area on the sides of your head and add 2 clip pieces on each side.
Take the topper and clip-it on top of your head for a most natural look.

How Do I Choose My Shade?

You can email us  your photo front and back taken in a natural sunlight and we will get back to you with your shade selection. Our email: You can also watch this video to help you with your shade selection. 


How Long Does My Hair Need To Be To Use Tressmerize Kit?

Your hair needs to be at least 3″ long, so that you can have at least a little bit of hair to clip the clips in. That’s the beauty of Tressmerize it helps you achieve that beautiful look, even if your hair is really short.

Can I Use Heat And Styling Tools On Tressmerize Kit?

Tressmerize hair extensions kit it’s just like your own hair, except it’s not attached to your scalp. You can use any curling iron or straightener to style your hair the way you want it. Always use heat protecting spray to extend the life of your hair extensions.

Can I swim with Tressmerize Hair System?

We wouldn't recommend swimming with your hair extensions in, because they could pull on your hair and damage your own hair. If you do need to use it while swimming we suggest braiding or tying the hair in a ponytail. 

How Often Should I Wash My Tressmerize Kit?

You don’t need to wash your Tressmerize Kit, as often as you wash your hair. If you wear it every day, approximately after 10 wears or when you see that you have too much product build up.

How Do I Wash My Tressmerize Kit?

Wash your Tressmerize in a lukewarm water with a mild or sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. After you rinse your Tressmerize hair out in lukewarm water, lay it out flat and let it dry. Comb after your hair is completely dry. Allow few days for the hair to bounce back to it’s original stage.



How Should I Store My Tressmerize Kit?

After you take out you Tressmerize, comb it with a wide tooth comb and store it in a box it came in.

How Long Does Shipping Usually Take?

The shipping is 2-5 days in the USA and 7-30 days International.

Can I Return Or Exchange My Tressmerize Kit?

You can only return or exchange your Tressmerize kit if it HAS NOT been taken out of it’s original packaging.

How Long Does Tressmerize Kit Last?

Tressmerize is constructed out of 100% Remy Human Hair and it should last you over 1 year if you take good care of it as directed.

How Many Grams Of Hair Is In Tressmerize Kit?

Tressmerize kit has 6 pieces,  totaling of 230 grams of hair.

Why Can’t You Offer Refunds If The Tressmerize Kit Has Been Opened?

Human hair extensions are considered a hygienic product. WE DO NOT ALLOW open items to be returned for the safety of all of our clients. We are not alone; other hair extensions suppliers also do not allow returns on opened items for the same reasons.