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How to Care For Hair Extensions

There are so many questions that I get on daily basis on how to care for hair extensions to extend their life so I thought it would be nice to put most commonly asked questions here on one page. There is also a QandA page where I answer most of your questions there but here we are going to focus more on caring for your hair extensions. 

Tressmerize is made out of Remy Human Hair which with proper care should last you for 12 months. 

What is Remy Hair 
Remy human hair means that hair is usually from one donor and all of the hair is collected with cuticle running in the same direction. Like our own hair. This makes hair smooth and less to tangle. 

How to Store Your Hair Extensions 
Tressmerize comes with a magnetic closure box that will look good on your bedroom or bathroom vanity.  We recommend combing your hair extensions and hair topper every night after taking it out of your hair and placing them in the Tressmerize Box 

how to care for hair extensions

Can you swim with hair extensions in
I do not recommend swimming in with your hair extensions because the hair will get heavy and it could pull on your own hair. The only way (if you really must use your hair topper and hair extensions while swimming ) you can braid your hair extensions before going into the water. 

Can you sleep with hair extensions in
I  do not recommend sleeping with your hair extensions clipped in because the clips can create tension on your own hair, which could damage your own hair. 

How long do clip in hair extensions last
Your clip in hair extensions and hair topper can last you up to 12 months with proper care. 

Can you color Tressmerize hair extensions and hair toppers

I always suggest to order a shade lighter than your hair if you are not 100% sure which shade would best match your hair.
The reason for that is because it is much easier to color the hair extensions darker than to bleach them and make them lighter. 

As you know bleach is very damaging to your own hair especially it could dry your hair extensions out and completely damage them. 
If you want to know   How to Tone Your Hair Extensions or  How to Dye Hair Extensions and even how to color your hair topper you can check out the linked blog posts. 

How do you properly care for hair extensions

The most important thing is to comb your hair extensions with wide tooth comb or a brush specifically designed for hair extensions. 

Brush your hair extensions and your hair topper gently starting at ends moving up words towards clips.
Always brush your hair extensions and your hair topper before putting in and after you take them out. 

Another important thing is to use sulfate free shampoo and conditioner when washing your hair extensions and your hair topper. 
Currently I am using bumble and bumble products

bumble and bumble thickening shampoo

which I love for my own hair but if you're looking for a more affordable version which I also used before and it works great check out

sheamoisture thickening shampoo

SheaMoisture thickening shampoo and conditioner. 

This is very important because sulfates can dry out your hair extensions making them dry and brittle which will make them tangled and matted. 

I also like to apply warmed up coconut oil or olive oil in my hair extensions before washing to add some moisture into them. 

Wash your hair extensions in lukewarm water but rinse the conditioner with cold water. This makes them very smooth and shiny. 

When washing your hair extensions do not rub in shampoo and conditioner but apply gently all through out and rinse it out.  

Always leave conditioner in for at least 3 minutes before rinsing. 

Please watch the video below on how I tie the hair extensions in a ponytail before washing. 

how to wash hair extensions

How should you dry your hair extensions
The best way to dry your hair extensions and hair topper is to blot them with towel after washing and lay them flat to dry.  At this time it is a good idea to apply heat protecting spray too. 
The next day take a wide tooth comb and comb your hair extensions and your hair topper starting at the bottom. Keep in mind they're still might be damp, at this time if you need to wear them you can take a blow dryer and dry them. 
how to dry hair extensions
How to style hair extensions 
Your Remy Hair Extensions are like your own hair. You can curl them, straighten them and pretty much do any hairstyle you desire. I have many different How To Hairstyles on our Blog if you need any hair inspiration.  Tressmeize hair extensions and hair topper come straight, but when washed they dry wavy, they have that natural wave like most of our hair is after washing, but if you do want those defined curls or waves you do have to use a curling iron.   

How to curl your hair extensions
 A lot of times I get asked how do I get that beautiful waves in my hair.  Most of the time I use 1" curling wand. Sometimes I curl 1 time towards face and 1 time away from face that gives a more natural curl. Here is a tutorial on How to Curl Your Hair Extensions if you'd like to try it yourself. The first day, your curls might be more defined. If you don't comb them out they can last you for few days another reason why I love hair extensions so much. I can have a beautiful hairstyle in 5 minutes or less. After second day of wear the curls will get lose giving you that beach wavy hair. 

How often should you wash your hair extensions
Since hair extensions do not produce oil like your own scalp we don't have to wash them as often as your own hair, but if you do wear hair extensions or your hair topper every day, which requires using products in your hair, I recommend every 7-10 wears or if you see that they're not holding a hairstyle as you'd like.  

How long does your hair have to be to wear hair extensions 
I get this question a lot and I say your hair has to be around 3 inches long to wear hair extensions because my hair was 3 inches long when I started wearing Tressmerize. That is why I give you that answer because I am confident that at that length they will work. But you can wear them as long you have enough hair to clip the clips in and that they will not slide out.  At the time when I started wearing hair extensions I couldn't do many hairstyles other than wearing my hair down. Also, take in a consideration that it is a little bit weird when you start wearing hair extensions on such short hair because you normally don't have much hair on your head, and when you put in your hair extensions you feel like there is so much hair and you feel like they are going to fall out, but trust me they stay in. 

hair extensions before and after

Can you cut hair extensions 
Our hair extensions and hair toppers are 18 inch long. When you install your 18 inch hair extensions they are pretty long.  On my height and I am 5'2 they come to my waist. When I clip in 18 inch hair topper the length is right past the shoulders. I do not recommend cutting your hair extensions, but many of our customers take them to their hair stylist to cut them to their desired length. Especially if you are wearing just a hair topper and your hair is shorter than the topper's length, then the topper must be cut to match your hair length for best blending. I do have a video on how to cut bangs in your hair topper if you want to see it, but that's as far as I went with cutting. 

how to cut hair extensions       

Hair Extensions & Hair topper w/ Bangs    

 hair topper for thinning hair
Just Hair Topper


If you have thinning on the crown and wonder if Tressmerize will work Check out this blog post where I answer commonly asked questions such as 
My problem is thinning on top of my head and I want to know if Tressmerize will cover it?  I have active hair loss and I want to know if wearing clip in hair pieces will be too much in my hair? 

If you want to see a video on how to wash hair extensions watch the video below