How to Care For Your Extensions

Tressmerize Is A Clip In Hair Extensions System That Includes Hair Extensions Pieces And A Handmade Hairtopper. It Is Made Out Of 100% Remy Virgin Human Hair. If You Take Care Of It, Your Tressmerize System Can Last You More Than 12 Months.

Here are simple steps that you can do to extend the life of your Tressmerize.
  1. Always use wide tooth comb or a special brush made for hair extensions
  2. Brush your Tressmerize before cliping in and after you take it out
  3. When combing or brushing through always start at the bottom and move your way up towards the clips
  4. With Tressmerize you will rarely get the hair tangled, but if this happens for any reason, hold with the other hand above the tangled piece and gently comb through it.
  5. Wash your Tressmerize in lukewarm water with sulfate free shampoo
  6. Before washing, comb your hair first and then wash it in with the lukewarm water
  7. After you wash your Tressmerize pat dry only, do not squeeze or twist the hair
  8. Lay it flat after washing
  9. Brush your Tressmerize only after it has completely dried
  10. Always use heat protecting spray when using hot tools
  11. Store your Tressmerize in its' original packaging
  12. Don't use too many product on your Tressmerize, this might damage the hair