My story



The Story Behind Tressmerize

My name is Emina and I am the founder of Tressmerize.

  I created Tressmerize because of my own frustration of not being able to find the hair extensions on the market that served women with short thin hair.



"I have experienced moderate hair loss on my crown area due to scaring alopecia. I just wanted to know how glad I was when I saw that you could just order the hair topper by itself. After a cut and color, it is perfect! No one that I told could believe I had it in. Thank you so much for creating such an amazing air piece!" 


"Just call me "Tress-Obsessed" (should be the name of your next color!) I now own FOUR EXTENSION KITS (all purchased by me) PLUS ONE SET OF EXTENSIONS ONLY! The hair is silky in texture even AFTER I dyed them my unique shade of ash blonde. I think some of the middle aged women out there would love these KITS because they can use the extensions only if their hair is long enough & use the topper as a bump it up piece for weekends & special days (unless they want to look special daily) If their hair is shorter or thinner, the topper can be used daily. Although I may seem to be too young to have arthritis, I do, & in damp or cold weather, my hands hurt, so having only 5 tried & true voluminous pieces to clip in keeps my pain level at a minimum, plus my hair always looks it's best. Who says extensions are for younger ladies only? There are many ways to use/clip in Emina's kit, so the options are there!"