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The Story Behind Tressmerize


I receive many messages from women of all ages that want to regain confidence in their hair and "tressform" their hair for the better. I started Tressmerize to help women never have to worry about their hair again. Whether you have hair thinning, hair loss due to medications, hormones, genes or simply regretting that haircut, my mission is to help you have a great hair day every day.     Read more >>


I have experienced moderate hair loss on my crown area due to scaring alopecia. I just wanted you to know how glad I was when I saw that you could just order the hair topper by itself. After a cut and color, it is perfect! No one that I told could believe I had it in. Thank you so much for creating such an amazing hair piece!


I had my hair stylist cut and style my topper on my head and she remarked about how impressed she was with it. I then wore it to work yesterday for the first time. Since I am a teacher, I had not been there for 2 months, so it was a perfect time to transition back. I was nervous, but no one said anything all day and no one even looked at my hair as if they noticed something was different. Finally, at the end of the day, my closest colleague asked me if I was wearing it because she knew I was going to be wearing it. I asked her if she thought it was noticeable. She is very honest and said that it was not at all noticeable and she thought my hair looked fuller, thicker and healthier. She couldn't get over it. I even had former students come by and not one student said anything or acted like I looked different. Kids can be honest, so I knew that was the true test. I am very happy with the topper and I appreciate having something like this to bring my confidence back to me! I will be purchasing more and telling my friends about it! Thank you so much!