Natural hair extensions to achieve your dream hair

Considering getting hair extensions? Here are some tips to help you find the look you want.

A natural look with Extensions?

Back in a day, Hair extensions were not as popular with regular consumer and you could only see celebrities with hair extensions flaunting this beautiful voluminous hair that we all wished we had.  Fortunately for us, hair extensions have come a long way and now we have this great asset to create the hair we always dreamed about.

You will find on this page the ultimate list of benefits to knowing what to do and what to avoid when wearing hair extensions, to achieve your ultimate look and look natural with hair extensions.


The benefits of hair extensions

Hair extensions are an increasingly popular trend among appearance-conscious young women and the investment is now more affordable and well worth it. Even if you have found the perfect hairstyle, your hair may be too thin or not long enough to make that ideal hairstyle. Hair extensions can help add volume, length, and texture. You can customize your application to meet all your needs, all your styles.


For the volume

Hair extensions are widely used to have long hair overnight and magically look more attractive and sexier.

Yet it is less known that extensions are also widely used to only add volume to the hair, without adding length. Sometimes you’ll see TV reporters or hosts with shorter length hair but lots of volume, this is usually achieved with hair extensions where hair extensions are cut to their length, giving the illusion that this person has this amazingly healthy hair.

If you have very thin and fine hair that does not allow you to have volume you can add extensions to create volume, this is much more than you think and may be the best solution for many many women. Many opt for hair topper only and have the topper cut to their length giving them perfectly, but natural voluminous hair.

If your hair is totally damaged, or flat, it will help you to make it thicker and denser. Those of you who have hair that is too thin or that is growing too slowly should not be afraid of hair extensions and hair topper pieces.

For the length

Most women dream of having long hair.

Many women find that their hair does not grow long enough or before reaching the desired length, the hair looks rather unhealthy, "weak" with split ends. With hair extensions, you achieve any desired length. This can be useful to give full effect during a public performance, an interview, a meeting, like a "loose" curly or a thick ballerina bun.

The effect will not be the same, for those who have short hair and wonder "from when I can play with beautiful hair", and your hair should be at least 2-3 inches (8 cm) long to be able to wear Tressmerize hair extensions and hair topper.

For most people hair grows a quarter of an inch (0.635 cm) per month, so to get your hair to grow 16 inches (41 cm) it will take about 5 years but with hair extensions, it takes you 5 minutes to get that desired length.

Even if the length of your hair is between 3-4 inches (10 cm), the application of a cheap hair extension will transform your life. You will not wait for years to have long hair. You can be in tune with fashion.

For the fun

You can experiment with different hair color. Let’s say you want to have highlights but don’t want to bleach your own hair. You could get lighter hair extensions and clip them within your hair, this gives you an illusion of highlights. This method, however, can only be done if you already have long hair and are looking for a change.

You can go from short to long whenever you want. You can keep your bob or pixie cut a few months and get long hair the rest of the year. Whether you choose to go with clip- in extensions you do yourself or permanent (hot, cold) you can play with your 2 lengths and change depending on your mood.

Because sometimes you just need it

Sometimes we have no choice but to look for hair solutions that will help us disguise our hair thinning or hair loss problems. Unfortunately, not all of us are born with a perfect head of hair. As a matter of fact, 50% of women in the USA alone struggle with some type of hair loss which can take a huge tall to self-esteem. The good thing is you don’t need to go through this suffering. You have hair solutions that work great for these type of problems. And clip-in option hair extensions and hair topper are a great choice because you take the product out of your own hair at the end of the day, letting the scalp rest and your own hair to breath. A lot of times I get asked if it’s ok for someone that has hair thinning or hair loss wear clip in pieces? I always say you can consult with your physician first if you really have a sensitive scalp and think that it might be uncomfortable for you, At most occasions the physicians OK these type of products for their patients because there isn’t really any damage done to your own hair. As long as you have some hair that the clips can grab onto you're OK to wear them. 


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How to wear hair extensions with thin hair?

Most people with thin hair have the problem of hair extensions showing through their hair. This is the biggest issue we can find within celebrities when we search for hair extensions no no’s. You can see these celebrities outside minding their own business and paparazzi’s are taking photos of their hair extensions showing through their hair. Now, when you’re a celebrity you probably are so used to this type of news that it is nothing to you, but for a regular person it is a different story when you go out and you’re in a restaurant or shopping for groceries and you’re so self conscious and wondering my god what if my hair extensions show. I know because I was in this situation and I use to bug my husband all the time asking him can you see anything. But when you have Tressmerize hair extensions and hair topper you don’t have to worry about this issue because the hair topper adds the extra volume on top that you need to cover the tracks that are under you hair. Now when I am outside and it’s windy, I let it blow and even shake my head few times like I am on a photoshoot. ( LOL too much right ) 

How to wear hair extensions with short hair?

Before we cut our hair short we are convinced that is the best decision of our life. We talk to our friends, family and want to hear them say these words; Go For It, you look great with short hair, and then the minute we do it, we regret it. Right? Now, we wish we could just grow this short hair back, and the truth is it takes time to get use to any change, but short hair is really the worst thing I had to go through and I had short hair plenty of times, most of my life actually. You want to know why, it’s because I could never go through those awkward stages of hair growth so I would just chop it off. They say short hair is easy to style but in my case it wasn’t true at all. I would wake up in the morning and my hair would look as I was electrocuted all standing up.